The Places That Have The Best Lobsters In NYC You Should Try (Updated 2021)

The Places That Have The Best Lobsters In NYC You Should Try (Updated 2021)

When you travel or visit New York City, you will be attracted to the city's cuisine. In particular, you need to find the spots that serve the best lobsters in NYC. There are many famous lobster restaurants that specialize in serving lobster's delicious dishes. To help you choose the best lobster restaurant in this popular city, we have a number of locations for you. Here you will enjoy the best lobster dishes!

best lobsters in nyc



During the lobster season, nothing is more wonderful than enjoying a fresh meal in a luxury restaurant. Newberg Lobster is considered a famous lobster with a recipe created in 1876 at Delmonico's New York. This lobster dish is cooked with spirits or golden wine, cream, butter and egg.

Over the years, Newberg lobster has gradually been replaced by new processed lobster dishes. Newberg lobsters are becoming increasingly rare in NYC. However, you can still enjoy that signature dish at Delmonico's restaurant.

Delmonico's - an old restaurant, it appeared earlier than both the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Central Park. It is located at 56 Beaver St Frnt A, New York City. 

best restaurant in nyc to have lobsters

This restaurant is the creation of Lobster Newberg, so here, the dish will be processed according to the most traditional recipe and retain its characteristic flavor. Ingredients are lobster, fatty cream, brandy and egg yolks. In addition, Delmonico's also changes the ingredients in the dish to create new flavors, creating a characteristic for Lobster Newberg seasonally. The dishes range from 19 $ to 40 $ per dish.

  • Contact: 212 509 1144
  • Website:

Perry St.

Another lobster dish that is different from Newberg but well worth a try at NYC is the Lobster Thermidor. This lobster dish is also made with cream of milk, egg yolks and wine, accompanied by a layer of attractive crispy brown Gruyere cheese. This cheese layer is the distinctive highlight of the dish at the Perry St. restaurant in New York City.

Thermidor was created in Paris - France to commemorate the 1896 Thermidor play. Perry St. has made a difference to this dish by combining traditional French - Asian food. It is the shiitake mushrooms and the spicy Thai red chili that make this dish so special.

  • Address: 176 Perry St, New York, NY 10014
  • Contact: +353 21 427 8776
  • Website:

The Grill

 best lobsters restaurant in nyc

At The Grill restaurant, lobster dishes are served in the form of small pieces with a somewhat novel sauce. You will easily enjoy lobsters more at this restaurant. The lobster dish here is cooked with classic cheese and tomatoes. It is completely different from Wennberg. This restaurant is always reminiscent of luxury things, Yore is the typical expression.

Pearl Oyster Bar


In here, the food is cooked in a classic style, applying first-class techniques and a little New York style. Especially here serves very delicious and famous lobster roll, which is interested by the press. In addition, Pearl Oyster Bar also scored thanks to Pearl Caesar and smoked clam soup, as well as sandwiches for lunch,...

  • Address: 18 Cornelia St (btw Bleecker & W 4th) New York, NY 10014
  • Contact: (212) 691-8211
  • Website: 


Olmsted restaurant offers the most special innovation of this Lobster Thermidor in NYC. The restaurant has turned a traditional lobster dish into a whole new and more accessible dish. They processed lobsters into crackers and served lobster biscuits with Thermidor sauce. The perfect blend of crackers, wine, Gruyere cheese and ice cream will give diners a new experience. What many people like about this novel dish is that the price is quite cheap, it doesn't cost you 100 dollars.

  • Address: 659 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238
  • Contact: 716-838-1249
  • Email:

City Lobster and Steak NYC

One operator that owns the best lobsters in NYC is City Lobster and Steak Co. The lobster dishes here are very delicious and have a unique flavor. However, the lobster meat is not very soft. In addition to lobster, they also provide the famous veal. City Lobster and Steak Co. Located in Midtown West 121 W.49th, there are many diners arriving during mealtime. The prices of the dishes here are very reasonable, it is about 31$ to 50$ per dish.

    • Contact:  +1 212-354-1717
    • Address: 121 W 49th St, New York, NY 10020, United States

    Nick's Lobster Fish Market


    Nick's Lobster Fish Market is located at 2777 Flatbush Ave, this is a famous seafood restaurant in Brooklyn. Lobsters here are all fresh, caught directly from the 300-gallon tank in the back for processing. Of course, with such freshness, the price is not cheap. It’s about 95$ to 550$ per lobster dish

    Some of this restaurant's lobster dishes will probably make you feel difficult to eat due to the lack of taste. But if you like fresh lobster, this is a good choice. (Find out more How to eat losbter tail proficiently).

    • Contact: +1 718-253-7117

    Urban Lobster

    An exclusive restaurant, Urban Lobster offers home-to-door lobster delivery in the Lower East Side / Alphabet City areas. The restaurant's address is 240 E. Houston Ave. The main low-carb side dishes here are great for dieters. The restaurant's staff are very enthusiastic, the quality of the dishes is high, the delivery is quick but sometimes the containers can leak. You can eat lobster at home without going to the restaurant. The prices of the dishes here are okay, it is about 20$ to 30$ per dish.

    • Contact: 207.956.7051

    Wild Edibles

    Wild Edibles are like Urban Lobster, they provide delivery service to customers but the price is much higher. The lobster dishes here taste great, but sometimes you won't. It seems that the staff here are quite indifferent to customers. We waited for almost an hour but there was no attentive service. The prices of the dishes here are about 23$ to 92$ per lobster dish.

    • Address: Inc. 740 Barry Street. Bronx, NY 10474
    • Contact: 718.860.1000

    The East Village boasts Luke's Lobster


    This restaurant is located at 93 E.7. It sells lobster dishes at reasonable prices, prices from 10-20 $ per dish. The service staff is very enthusiastic and attentive. Coa dishes have a variety of flavors and are delicious. However, this restaurant is quite small, you should consider buying takeout dishes because there is often a lack of space in the restaurant. You will have to wait if you want to enjoy it here.

    Here's the look inside of Luke's Lobster!

    Ed's Lobster Bar


    Located at 222 Lafayette St. Manhattan, Ed's Lobster Bar serves a wide variety of lobster dishes, from fresh lobsters to grilled lobsters. The lobster dishes are delicious but the price is very high. The decoration of the sitting space is like a bar, with the seat facing the wall so this is not the right place if you want to talk to the opposite person. Check your wallet before going to this restaurant.

    • Contact: 212-343-3236

    If you are new, don't forget to learn how to eat lobster to enjoy in the restaurant!

    In New York City, there are many restaurants with delicious lobster dishes. Each restaurant has its own special lobster dishes. Above are my shares about the best lobsters in NYC. Choose the restaurant that best suits you!

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