Types Of Lobster That You Should Know

Types Of Lobster That You Should Know

Are you a big fan of lobsters? If the answer is yes, you should know what types of lobster you usually get. How many types of lobster are there? There are 12 different types of lobster from many areas around the world but not all of them are edible. In this article, you will get all the information about them. Read on!

types of lobster

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  1. Characteristics Common Of Lobsters
  2. Warm Water Lobster
  3. Cold Water Lobster
  4. What type of lobster is the best?
  5. What is the most expensive lobster?

Characteristics common of lobsters

As you might already know, lobsters are omnivores that eat fish, plants and crustaceans. They are used as food for not only humans but also for crabs, fish and seals. They can scavenge from dead carcasses if necessary.

All types of lobsters have their hard shell and soft shell seasons because they molt or shed their shell to grow. During this process, they puff up their own flesh with water in order to create a roomier shell. This water-loaded flesh has a different flavor. 

Hard and soft shell lobsters need a different style of cooking because soft shell lobsters are more fragile and they are also harder to ship. There are 2 main types of lobster: cold water lobster and warm water lobster. If you prefer lobster claw meat, you need to get a cold water lobster.

Therefore, Fishermen's Net will classify 12 different types of lobster according to the water environment in which they live

Warm Water Lobster

Instead of having big front claws, warm water lobster comes with a front set of legs that look like an oversized antenna. They are also called the “rock lobster,” or “spiny lobster” and can be found mostly on the California coastline and the Caribbean. 

Their peak season is in the winter months. Generally, they are less expensive and the main source of meat is from the tail. 

1. Caribbean Lobsters

As you can tell from the name, Caribbean lobsters are mostly caught along the shore of the Caribbean, throughout the Gulf of Mexico. You can also find them along the North American coast.

different types of lobster

The most ideal water temperature for Caribbean lobsters to spawn is 73 degrees F (23 degrees C), which means during April and October.

Caribbean lobsters are commercially fished when they reach the minimum size of around 3 inches (7.6 centimeters). Compared to cold-water lobster, they have a harder shell which patterned in gray and brown stripes with yellow spots on the tail.​

  • Season: Aug - Mar
  • Average Price (Frozen Shipped): $35/lb.
  • Average Price (Live): $25/lb.
  • Flavor: Sweet and delicate flavor with succulent tail meat.

2. South African Lobsters

There is one thing about South African lobsters that can confuse you. Obviously, they are warm water lobsters because they have long appendages and no claws. However, they live in cold water.

It takes more time for them to grow than Caribbean lobsters. And they have a good reputation for having muscular tails with a unique flavor. This is also one of the most common types of lobster sold in America as frozen lobsters. 

  • Season: Nov - Apr.
  • Average Price (Frozen Shipped): $45/lb.
  • Average Price (Live): N/A.
  • Flavor: Sweet and succulent.

3. Australian Lobsters

Australian lobsters can be caught all year round and they have both red and green shades. They are mostly found on the Northwest coast of Australia.

how many types of lobster are there

Besides that, this type of lobster is known for having a smooth and delicate flavor. The average weight of the tails is from 8 to 10 ounces.​

  • Season: All year.
  • Average Price (Frozen Shipped): $60/lb.
  • Average Price (Live): $45/lb.
  • Flavor: Firm meat with a sweet and mild taste.

4. Reef Lobsters

This type of lobster has stunning purple and lavender markings. Although they have claws, they are not considered clawed lobsters. They are very small and often known for their coloring instead of their meat. You can find them in the Indo-Pacific, Caribbean, warmer parts of the Atlantic and in the aquarium.

Average Price (Live): $20 (2-inch lobster for aquarium)

5. California Lobsters

This is one of the largest types of lobster found on the coast from California to Mexico. The maxim length is up to 24 inches and they are very popular in China. That’s why these lobsters are commercially and recreationally fished mostly for this market. 

  • Season: Oct - Mar.
  • Average Price (Frozen Shipped): NA
  • Average Price (Live): $25/lb.
  • Flavor: Creamy, nutty, delicate and sweet.

6. Pacific Lobsters​

Pacific lobsters weigh from 1-5 pounds, but occasionally you can find one with 15 pounds. Similar to other warm water lobsters, they are caught for lobster tails.

  • Season: Oct - Mar
  • Flavor: Delicate and sweet.

Cold Water Lobster

When you dine out in a seafood restaurant, you should expect cold water lobster. They are known as “clawed” lobsters, because they have 3 sets of claws, along with 5 sets of walking legs. That means there is more lobster meat for you to enjoy. Besides, claw meat can be tastier than tail meat.

1. Canadian Lobsters

There is no surprise when Canadian lobsters are on top of the list for cold water lobsters. Because of the cold weather, they have a great water environment to grow. They are best known for having juicy claw meat and can be found on the East coast of Canada.

However, due to the concern about the lobster population, their harvesting season is staggered during their summer molts.

  • Season: Oct - Jan & June - July.
  • Average Price (Frozen Shipped): $65/lb. lobster meat.
  • Average Price (Live): $20/lb.
  • Flavor: Sweet, denser meat.

2. Maine Lobsters

Canadian lobsters and Maine lobsters look alike because they are from the same species. Lobsters from Maine have gained a reputation for being the best lobsters in the world. Not only they have juicy claw meat, but their tail meat is also extremely firm. 

If you want to enjoy “true” lobsters, you must buy this type. Maine lobsters are commonly sold in restaurants and supermarkets with an average price of about $50/pound or more. 

The best way to enjoy high-quality Maine Lobsters is to buy them from Maine lobstermen. At Fishermen’s Net, you can order Maine lobsters online and Maine lobster will be shipped directly to your door.

  • Season: All year, especially June - Dec.
  • Average Price (Frozen Shipped): $70/lb. lobster meat
  • Average Price (Live): $20/lb.
  • Flavor: Sweet, tender meat.

3. New Zealand Lobsters

New Zealand Lobsters have beautiful shells and they can be found on the South Pacific coast. They have sweet, smooth meat and firm white flesh and are sold to markets around the world, especially in Asia.

  • Season: May - Feb
  • Average Price (Frozen Shipped): $50/lb. whole lobster, $25/lb. tail meat.
  • Average Price (Live): $60/lb.
  • Flavor: Slightly sweet, meaty succulent texture. 

4. Slipper Lobsters

Slipper Lobsters come with a flat face and they don’t have front claws. They live in the mud and are tricky to cook, that’s why their meat is not the best among all types of lobster. They are mainly fished in Asia, however, they are endangered in most places. 

  • Season: November - April.
  • Flavor: Sweet, white and firm meat.

5. Furry Lobsters

The reason why they get the name Furry lobsters is that their body is covered in hair. They are small but have very large antennas. They are mostly caught by divers, not desirable for commercial fisheries and also prohibited to fish.

Season: No commercial fisheries and prohibited to fish.

6. Squat Lobsters

Squat Lobsters can be found in crevices where they dig their claws in the sand for food. They are more like crabs or hermit crabs. Squat lobsters are definitely not commercially fished, they are used as feed in fish, shrimp and prawn farms and occasionally used as bait.

Season: Not commercially fished.

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    What type of lobster is the best?

    Maine cold-water lobsters are highly prized and famous all over the world, for their sweet, tender, succulent and best-textured flesh. The reason is that they live in warmer waters than Canada which gives them an overall better taste that you can't compare to any other type of lobster.

    What is the most expensive lobster?

    Because it is the most sought after, the Maine lobster is the most expensive type of lobster commonly found. Enjoying this lobster right after killing and cooking is how it retains its freshest texture. You don't have to worry if you order live Maine lobsters directly at Fishermen's Net at a reasonable price, they will be shipped straight to your door.

    In addition, old shell lobsters are also ranked as the most expensive due to the high transportation costs, most of which are shipped by air to anywhere. They also have a courser flavor.

    As you have learned about 12 different types of lobster, do you know the answer for the best one? And have you tried it? Check out Fishermen’s Net for fresh Maine lobsters at the dock!

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