We are experiencing a very bad weather patterns across the country and in Maine as well. There is no catch of lobster around the coast of Maine that cause a huge spike in lobster price. While we still honor all the orders that has placed, we made some price increases on our live lobster products to keep up with the cost rises. We hope for your understanding and hopefully price will come down soon when there is more catch.

About Us

Fishermen's Net is a reputable local supplier of fresh seafood based in Portland, Maine. We offer a wide range of quality seafood that is carefully caught and carefully selected by hand. Based on the long-term experience of the whole family, we always serve the freshest crabs, lobsters, snails, fish,... to every house in America.

Now, choosing the main ingredients from this vast sea is no longer difficult, you don't need to go to the supermarket or the fish meat stalls, just sit at home and visit mualobster.com website. All of them will be delivered to your door and kept fresh. Free for you to make delicious dishes for family and friends.

We can speak English and Vietnamese, not only American citizens but also Vietnamese expatriates living in the US, we are always ready to serve.