The Similarities And Differences Between Canadian Lobster Vs Maine Lobster

The Similarities And Differences Between Canadian Lobster Vs Maine Lobster

Lobsters become more and more familiar in every family's meal. Not only do they contain many healthy nutrients, but the way to cook lobster is also extremely rich. The species of lobster is also very diverse such as warm water lobster, cold water lobster, Maine lobster, Canadian lobster... How can one differentiate types of lobsters? Today we will help you learn the differences and similarities between Canadian Lobster vs Maine Lobster.

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  2. The Similarity Of Canadian And Maine Lobster
  3. The Difference Between Canadian vs Maine Lobster

History of Lobster

Lobsters were very unpopular in the past, they were often used as bait or fodder for livestock and even for prisoners.

Gradually in the 18th century, in the 1860s, lobsters were cooked and canned again to provide food for thousands of soldiers. From there, in the mid-1800s, people as far away as California were able to eat Maine lobster for the first time. Come later, to enjoy fresh lobster, people would travel to New England and eat them. This helps lobsters transition from food for the poor to expensive dishes and are modified to become more delicious. The demand is growing as people everywhere want to eat lobster.

And to satisfy this appetite, suppliers started shipping fresh lobsters caught directly from the sea. Typically you can see here is Fishermen's Net, we deliver all the lobster you need, you just need to stay at home and wait, it doesn't take too long.

The Similarity Of Canadian And Maine Lobster

Both the Canadian Lobster and Maine Lobster are lobsters native to North American water along the Atlantic coast. They all belong to the same species - "Homarus Americanus" They live in cold seas, with ambient temperatures between 2 and 20 degrees Celsius.

canadian lobster vs maine lobster

Canadian lobsters and Maine lobsters both thrive in shallow water between 13 to 164 feet deep. In shallow rocky water areas, lobsters will have more hiding places to avoid predators. That is why they choose to live in shallow water. But they can sometimes be found at a deeper depth, it's about 1500 feet.

Both types of lobster are cold-water lobsters with a massive body. It has two large paws, 1 pair of long beards and 4 pairs of legs. If you look at the appearance, these two types of lobster are quite similar. However, the taste of the lobster meat will be different.

The Difference Between Canadian vs Maine Lobster

Maine lobsters are so named because they are mostly caught in the Maine region. Here the water temperature is higher than in Canadian water. That makes the difference between the Canadian Lobster and the Maine Lobster.

The live seawater temperature of Maine lobsters is higher so they are softer than Canadian lobsters. And the meat of the Maine lobster is softer and has a more delicious taste. In addition, Maine lobsters can survive up to 48 hours after getting out of the water. This is an advantage in helping Maine lobsters be transported better, and they retain their freshness and flavor.

Canadian lobsters live in cold waters, so their shells are thicker and stiffer than Maine lobsters. It is this that affects the sweetness and softness of the lobster meat, which results in a relatively inferior taste of lobster meat compared to Maine lobster.

In contrast, the thick and hard shell of Canadian lobsters allows them to stay out of water for up to 72 hours. It is the absolute advantage to keep the freshness of shrimp during transport.

The price of Canadian lobster is usually lower than that of Maine lobster due to user demand and the taste of the meat.

maine vs canadian lobster

Although the Canadian Lobster and Maine Lobster are different, they are all cold-water lobsters. They are completely different from warm water lobsters.

Warm water lobsters are not as big as the Canadian lobsters, they are native to the Caribbean. The majority of frozen lobster tail meat sold in the US is warm water lobster, easily distinguished by small white spots on the shell.

Maine and Canadian lobsters are often sold fresh, due to their high value. The cold water lobster meat is chewier, sweeter than the warm water lobster, and especially the meat from the 2 claws and the sticks of shrimp are soft, smooth and have a very distinctive flavor.

The differences and similarities between Maine lobster vs Canadian Lobster
  Maine Lobster
Canadian Lobster
Region Coast of Maine, scattered across the Atlantic coast of North America Coast of Canada
Shell Color Mottled dark greenish-browns and blacks Mottled dark greenish browns and blacks
Shell Density Varies from soft to hard depending on season and molting cycle Varies from soft to hard depending on season and molting cycle
Meat Taste Sweet, succulent flavor and tender meat Sweet, flavor and slightly denser meat
Claws/ Body Pincer and crusher claws, size dependent on body size Pincer and crusher claws, size dependent on body size
Species Homarus Americanus Homarus Americanus
Other Names Bugs, American lobster, True lobster, Northern lobster Atlantic lobster, Canadian Reds, American lobster, Northern lobster

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Lobsters have many different types, you need to care and make the best choice. Each type of lobster has its own advantages and disadvantages. Overall Maine cold water lobster is the best type of lobster. Hopefully, through my sharing, you know the similarities and differences between Canadian lobsters and Maine lobsters.

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