Lobster Vs Crab: Difference And Comparison

Lobster Vs Crab: Difference And Comparison

Lobster vs crab – what makes these two sea creatures different? Those who are not professional in seafood or marine life only can say that the only difference between them is their appearance. What about comparisons between their prices, habitat, tastes? Learn the differences between them to cook the best dishes from these two amazing seafood.

 lobster vs crab

There are many different types of lobster and crabs. Each type is different from the other in just some details but these differences give them a completely new name.

Types of lobster

When it comes to the most popular, and, of course, delicious types of lobster, they often classify them into warm water lobster and cold water lobster. 

  • Caribbean lobster: Caribbean lobsters are often seen on the North American coast, the Gulf of Mexico or the shore of the Caribbean. Found mostly near or in the Caribbean and it is the reason for its name “Caribbean lobster”. In the Bahamas, these lobsters are commercially fished because of their unique and succulent tail meat.
  • South African lobster: South African lobsters do not grow as strongly as Caribbean lobsters. Their highly unique flavor, which comes in their muscular tail, will make anyone fall in love with them. Thus, South African lobsters are a highly recommended lobster type.
  • Australian lobster: Australian lobsters are harvested mainly on the northwest coast of Australia. They appear quite uniquely with red and green shades. With a smooth and delicate flavor, Australian lobsters are suited to all types of cooking.
  • Canadian lobster: They are usually large in size, thrive in cold, shallow water preferring a depth of anywhere between 13 and 164 feet. The shallow areas have a lot of rocks around so they can hide from predators.

different lobster vs crab

Types of crab

What about crab? Among many types of crabs, what are the best to eat? To help you avoid being overwhelmed by different types of crab on the menu, here is the list of the most delicious crabs:

  • Maryland Blue crab: Maryland blue crab has a blue shell, differentiating it from other crab species in the wild. The shell turns bright red when you cook it. Its meat is very sweet, making people prefer it more than the other types and Maryland Blue crab is also the best one to make crab cakes.
  • Snow Crab: These crabs are harvested mainly in the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans. Canada is currently the biggest provider of Snow Crab. Snow crabs have hard shell and 5 legs on each side, along with a nice and sweet taste.
  • Florida Stone Crab: Florida Stone crab is an interesting crab species. Its meat is extremely delicious and is reminiscent to the meat of lobsters, making it a perfect choice for dinners. The claws of the crabs can detach easily and this allows them to get away from predators. The claws can regenerate quickly, making them being fished mainly this way: the fishermen tear off their claws and then release them back to the ocean.

Comparison lobster vs crab

Lobster vs crab: eating habits

When it comes to eating habits, lobsters are said to be opportunists. They have an omnivorous diet, including fishes, worms and plant life,… They even eat their shed skin during the molting process.

Crabs mainly eat algae, mollusks, fungi, bacteria and other crustaceans,… Their ideal diet should contain both plants and animals.


Lobster vs crab habitats are quite different, although they live in water. Crabs are usually found in freshwater or marine water and live more in tropical and semi-tropical regions. Crab also can be found on land in some areas. Crab habitat can affect its size. You can find a small crab like a pea crab but also can find an oversize lobster with a 4-meter-leg span (Japanese spider crab). Lobsters are often found at the muddy and sandy bottoms of seas and oceans. Their size also varies enormously. The largest one is caught in Nova Scotia, Canada with a weight of 20.15 kilograms.

The difference in taste

It also depends on the type of crab you choose, but in most cases, the crab meat often has a mildly sweet flavor. Choose the right type of crab and you will have a nice and clean flavor. In comparison with lobster meat, crab meat seems to be flaky. 

Lobster taste is unimaginably delicious yet confusing. You can feel the sweetness of lean meat and the crispy goodness of the tendons’ fiber, boosting lobster price much higher than other seafood. Many people even feel a little bit taste of crab and shrimp in lobster meat. However, soft shell lobster meat seems to be chewier with a spongy texture.

Price of lobster and crab

How much money can you spend on dinner? The amount of money that you can afford for a dinner can decide whether to eat crab or lobster. And since you have no idea about these seafood’s sweetness, flavor or texture, let the wallet help you to make a decision much easier. The price of a crab varies according to its type and its size. However, there is one thing you should know: normally, crabs are cheaper than lobster.

With a limited budget for the dinner yet still wanting to enjoy the best seafood, you should consider crabs, rather than lobsters. If you have time, spend the time checking the current prices of lobsters. Sometimes lobsters are offered at a discounted price, allowing the household to buy a lobster at a much more reasonable price. Because many restaurants, stores and supermarkets are going online, more and more promotion codes are offered. Take advantage of these codes to buy a perfect lobster at a cheaper price.


Nutrition facts of lobster and crab

Besides the fact that these two lobster vs crab are extremely delicious, their nutrition can amaze the lovers.

Lobster nutrition facts

In a National Nutrient Database published by the United States Department of Agriculture, in 15 grams of lobster meat, you will intake 1.25 fat, 0 grams of carbohydrates and 27.55 grams of protein... So, when your body intakes 145 grams of lobster, you will have 129 calories in lobster. Also, man vital minerals such as copper, selenium, zinc,…are also found in lobster. Lobsters are not only delicious but also rich in good minerals, making them a food that everyone wants to try at least once in a lifetime. 

Crab nutrition facts

Crab nutrition varies slightly by the type of crab. For instance, in 85 grams of king crab, there is 1 gram of fat, 1 gram of carbohydrates and 16 grams of protein.

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How to cook crabs and lobsters?

Is there anything different between cooking lobster vs crab? Cuisine professionals will tell you different cooking methods of crab and lobster but since you are not a professional, learning to cook crab and lobster basically first. Before starting, it is advised to put lobsters and crabs into a refrigerator. The effort can make the lobster vs crab meat much tougher. And this means that you can extract the meat from these creatures with no difficulty. 

Broiling – the most simple cooking method

Broiling is among the easiest ways to go if cannot choose a suitable cooking method for the lobster or the crab. Lobsters or crabs from four to six ounces should be broiled for 5 – 6 minutes. Those from 10 to 12 ounces should broil for eight to ten minutes, while the ones from 14 to 16 ounces should broil for 12 to 15 minutes.

Steaming – keep the flavor more

Steaming is another simple method to cook lobsters or crabs. An advantage that steaming has over broiling is that it keeps all the flavor of the food because it is not poached. First, pit a pan in an oven with 400-degree preheat. Instead of using water to steam, you can consider using white wine for a more unique flavor. Remember to put the crab or lobster in the pan so it is not poached. A disadvantage is that steaming (whether crab or lobster) requires more time than broiling. Sometimes it could double the amount of cooking time in comparison to steaming. 

Lobster and crab dishes

If you have mastered boiling and steaming crabs or lobsters, there are countless other methods to create delicious appetizers and entrees. It depends on how creative you are. You can try lobster and crab bisque, lobster crab cakes or even crab-stuffed lobster tail if you are planning a real treat. However, before you start cooking any creative dish, please make sure that the mixture of different recipes does not cause harm to your health. Thus, unless you have a deep understanding of this cuisine and recipe field, you should learn from other professional chefs. 

Comparison chart

Take a look at this comparison chart to acknowledge fully the differences between lobster vs crab.

Lobster vs crab comparison



Crabs are decapod crustaceans and belong to the infraorder of Brachyura.

Lobsters are large crustaceans belonging to the family Nephropidae and Homaridae.

Different features

Short tails and a small abdomen which is often hidden under the thorax

10 walking legs and 2 of them are modified into huge claws





Fresh and marine water

Tropical and semi-tropical areas

Muddy and sandy bottoms of seas and oceans

Eating habits

Crabs mainly eat algae, mollusks, fungi, bacteria and other crustaceans,…

They have an omnivorous diet, including fishes, worms and plant life,…


Crabs are offered at a more reasonable price than lobsters.

Lobsters are more expensive than crabs


  • Less nutritious than lobster
  • Contains fat and carbohydrate
  • More nutritious
  • No fat
  • No carbohydrates

Although there are several differences between lobster vs crab, both of them are commercially important seafood. Lobsters have always been praised as the incredible delicacy that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime. However, if you cannot afford it at the moment, crabs are just a perfect alternative for their nice texture, stunning taste and affordable price.

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