What Does A Lobster Most Taste Like?

What Does A Lobster Most Taste Like?

Lobster occupies a unique position and is the king of seafood. In the eyes of food connoisseurs, lobster is an indispensable premium dish in cult parties. If you are passionate about seafood, you will not be able to ignore the delicious dishes made from lobster. If you've never eaten lobster, can you imagine what does lobster taste like? Join Fishermen's Net to learn about lobster through the article below!

 what does lobster taste like

What is a lobster?

Lobster is an animal that belongs to the group of crustaceans and lives in the sea. Depending on the different species of lobster, when they mature, they will have different sizes. But in general, they all have quite large bodies when grown up. Lobsters are marine invertebrates. Like other invertebrates, lobsters protect them with a hard shell. This shell provides the framework for the inner body.

Lobster usually lives in the reefs, coral reefs where there are many caves and grooves along the coast. They have the habit of living in clusters mainly in the bottom layer with clean bottom, no mud. During the day, shelter in the rock caves are inactive, at night they are actively looking for prey.

The main food of lobsters is animals such as fish, shrimp, crabs, small crustaceans, mollusks… It is this healthy diet of lobsters that will benefit humans through its meat.

It takes 6-7 years for Canadian lobsters to grow to edible size (called as chicken lobster), but that's just the beginning. Lobsters are long-lived animals, with a lifespan of over 100 years.

Lobster shells cannot grow, so to grow and live long, it sheds its shell and makes a new one. Lobsters change their shells about once a year with large lobsters. This is a vulnerable time when the lobster finds a hiding place and discards the shell. After peeling, the lobster's body is very soft and it takes a few months for the shell to harden again.

Why is lobster so expensive?

Lobster is one of the precious specialties that the ocean bestows on humans. Catching lobsters in the ocean is extremely difficult because they live on the ocean floor and in reefs. Therefore, the price of lobster is always high. The demand for lobster from food lovers is increasing, so its selling price has never shown any sign of cooling down.

Raw lobster is always one of the most expensive dishes on restaurant menus. Lobster prices can even vary, depending on the location and time.

In particular, unlike most other seafood occupations, there are not any commercial farms that provide large quantities of lobster because lobster farming is difficult. Lobster grows slowly, eats a lot, when disease is contagious and lobster roe are difficult to raise.

Another reason is that it is too difficult to transport lobsters. The taste of lobster is only really good when it is cooked while it is fresh. Therefore, to transport live lobsters for a long distance requires a lot of attention. Keeping lobster alive during transport is also a challenge. Lobsters need to be kept in a cool and humid environment while still having enough oxygen. And of course, restaurants or hotels want to have the best lobster dishes, they have to transport live lobsters for processing. And the shipping fee will be added to the price of the lobster.

Lobster brings high economic value with delicious, firm, sweet, succulent meat that makes diners "fall in love" right from the first taste. Lobster nutrition contains a lot of calcium, minerals and nutrients that are very good for nourishing the body. For pregnant women who eat a lot of lobster not only helps the fetus to be strong and healthy but also extremely intelligent. Lobster is popular and becomes a must-try dish once in a lifetime. That's why they are so expensive!

What does lobster meat taste like?

>> First of all, you have to learn how to eat a whole lobster?

The flavor that lobster has is a wonderful kind of flavor, it is the perfect blend of the sweetness of the meat and the crispy of the tendons. The flesh of lobster is extremely sweet, this flavor is almost unique and far from other seafood.

You can judge the taste of lobster through many different perspectives. Each point of view brings its own charm and uniqueness. These are also outstanding features of lobsters.


The texture of lobster is considered to be the perfect combination of nature. The special texture of lobster gives its taste a different perspective. You will see this texture blend between shrimp and crab when enjoying lobster. The meat of a lobster tail is firm and chewy, it tastes like a meatier and sweeter version of shrimp. The texture of lobster will make you feel satisfied when enjoying it.

what does lobster tail taste like

Based on what you cook it with

The dishes you eat will affect the flavor of the lobster. People often cook lobster with butter. It also helps to make lobster meat more moist and greasy. So at restaurants, most lobster dishes are cooked with butter.

In addition to butter, other spices can also be combined with lobster to create other special flavors. Some spices can eliminate the fishy taste of lobster. Lobster has a fishy taste but not as strong as other seafood. You can use spices to add flavor to the lobster, but you should not use too much. Using too much seasoning will overwhelm your lobster flavor. You won't be able to tell if you're eating lobster or lobster spices.

To avoid the fishy taste of lobster, choosing where to buy lobster is very important. You must choose a reputable lobster supplier, ensure that the lobster meat is fresh and does not have a fishy taste. If the lobster is fishy, ​​it will be difficult to process and have a good taste.

Fishermen's Net is one of the reputable lobster suppliers. Lobster here is always guaranteed for its freshness and high quality. Fishermen always deliver fast and keep the lobster well in transit. You will get the freshest lobsters when you order here!

Based on cooking method

The taste of lobster is also greatly influenced by how you prepare it. There are many different ways to prepare and each way will bring a unique flavor.

To grill the flavor of the lobster will vary greatly based on the marinade and seasoning, often cooking this way will help the lobster meat become more chewy and dry.

Steaming is considered the most suitable processing method for lobster, lobster will retain all of its basic flavor, a little salty mixed with the famous sweet taste of lobster. 

Fried lobster is also a popular dish with a delicious flavor that is loved by many people. It has a crunchy taste and a seductive aroma.

Seasonal taste

The taste of lobster is also evaluated according to the lobster season. Usually winter will be the time when lobster has a particularly good taste. In winter, lobsters will have a lot of roe, they are located on the back of the lobster. Lobster roe are rare and taste particularly delicious. They are very soft and fatty.

Especially during the molting season, the newly molted lobsters will taste lighter and softer than the hard shell lobsters.

In general, the taste of lobster meat is determined based on many different factors.

Lobster vs crab taste

Lobsters and crabs are both crustaceans. There are many questions asked to distinguish the taste of lobster and crab. Is there any difference in their taste?

what does a lobster taste like

Sure yes, their taste is actually a bit different. Crab varies by type, but most of them have a more salty and fishy taste than lobster. Lobster will have a sweeter and lighter flavor than crab meat, it also has a cleaner taste than crab.

Lobster meat has a milder flavor, a tighter texture than crab which makes it less prone to flaking. This may also be the reason why many people consider lobster meat better than crab.

Lobster is a nutritious and delicious food. It can be made into many wonderful dishes. Here are some popular lobster dishes you should try:

Lobster Bisque

Lobster Bisque is a typical French soup, with a little flesh of pureed vegetables mixed with the sweetness of lobster broth and meat that makes gourmets must eat. Lobster Bisque soup is delicious but the seasoning is easy to find, you just need to meticulously process each step to get a unique soup, suitable for use on special occasions.

Lobster Thermidor

Lobster Thermidor is a famous French dish, in which the shrimp meat is cooked and then mixed with a rich wine sauce. This delicious dish with high calcium and fat content, suitable for those who want to gain weight and build toned muscles.

Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll is a famous Canadian favorite food. The dish is served on a crispy golden toasted sandwich, hot and fragrant with the flavor of unsalted butter. The highlight of "Lobster Roll" is that the bun is divided in half. On the top of the bun, the inside is filled with fresh, juicy, and pure Lobster meat; with the same typical sauce, delicious, smooth, and super satisfying to diners.

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Lobster Mac and Cheese is a delicious dish that is a harmonious combination of macaroni, cheese and lobster. The highlight here is definitely the nutritious and super expensive lobster meat, the lobster meat after steaming to keep its freshness will be chopped and mixed with macaroni and cheese.

What do the other lobster parts taste like?

Lobster has many different parts, each with its own flavor:

  • Tomalley: Tomalley is an edible part of lobster, it is yellow-green paste that resembles the liver and pancreas. However, there are recommendations issued by US federal and state agencies that advise against eating the tomalley of Atlantic lobster due to its high concentration of toxins.
  • What does lobster tail taste like? Tail is the most meaty part of lobster, the meat here is especially delicious, chewy and sweet.
  • Claws: Lobster's claws will be very difficult to get meat. But they totally deserve the lobster meat here that is delicious.
  • Roe: Roe is a delicious part of lobster. Not all lobsters have roe and every season lobsters have roe. Roe has a fatty and rich taste, it is very fragrant and is loved by many people.

Best tasting lobster in the world

Many people comment that cold water lobster has a better taste and texture than warm water lobster. The meat of cold water lobster is sweeter and more fragrant than the meat of warm water lobster. That is also the reason why the price of cold water lobster is higher.

Areas that regularly supply cold-water lobsters such as New Zealand, South Africa, the Canadian Sea, Northern Europe,...

You should buy lobster in the fall or early winter. This is the time when lobsters have the highest meat quality because they are storing fat. The meaty taste of lobster at this time is at its best.

Lobster is a delicious and nutritious food. You can process lobster into many different dishes and there are many different ways to prepare it. What does lobster taste like? The taste of lobster will be influenced by many different factors such as texture, cooking method, seasoning you cook with and the season you catch the lobster. Regardless of the method or seasoning, lobster is still a delicious dish!

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