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Tips On How To Eat A Whole Lobster Delicately?

Lobster can be considered as the greatest and tastiest creature among those in the ocean. This type of seafood is also one of the trickiest seafoods to eat once it reaches the table. Having understood your concern, Fishermen’s Net is going to give you the best experience with lobster ever. Today’s blog is all about how to eat a whole lobster delicately. Let’s get started!

How to eat a whole lobster?

What To Prepare Before Eating Lobster?

First, you should eat when it comes to lobster season because now the price will be cheaper and the quality of the lobster is also fresh better than other times of the year. Besides, lobster can be a challenging dish for many people to eat. Therefore, we suggest that you should be well-prepared before heading to the table. 

In the process of getting ready, a seafood tool set is certainly what you cannot miss. Please have a look at some of the essential utensils for eating lobster.

  • Bib: This heavy-duty tool helps to protect your clothes from the splashes and splatters that can accompany eating seafood. Most of the bibs are specially designed with neck ties for secure wear. Therefore, you can be totally assured that you and your beloved outfits will not be dirty when eating lobster.

Wear a bib when eating lobster

  • Fork: Lobster fork is a long, narrow food utensil which is used to help scrape the meat out. Especially, it provides you with the ability to extract those meat from joints, legs, claws or other small parts of lobster that are hard to take out by hands.
  • Lobster cracker: Besides from the tiny fork, you need to prepare yourself a lobster cracker. This instrument is manufactured with the purpose of cracking the hard shells of seafood such as crab and lobster. 

Prepare tiny forks and lobster crackers

  • Towelette: Finally, you can end your eating-lobster process by cleansing your hands with a towelette.  

Use towelette to cleanse your hands after eating lobster

The way of eating lobster below is suitable for most types of lobster, from small sizes like a 1 lb lobster to big size like lobster jumbo, although it will take a lot more effort. Now that you are ready with the necessary tools, let’s learn how to eat a whole lobster delicately.

So now you can choose your own lobster and enjoy it!


How To Eat A Whole Lobster?

The Tail

Let’s start with the easiest part of a lobster - The tail. 

Firstly, remove the tail from the lobster’s body by pulling or twisting it. 

Next, there are two options for you to choose. You can pull off the fins at the bottom, then pull the lobster meat out of the hole it creates. On the other hand, try to pull the tail apart from where it is attached to the body. This is to help split the lobster tain into two halves.

If you want to eat this part of lobster, let buy lobster tails for sale now!

Twist the tail to remove it from the lobster's body

Continue this process with the tiny fork. Whether it is in a whole or in halves, just simply use the fork to pull the meat out of the shell. So as to have the best taste, try to do it in one piece. 

>> You can view more details in How to eat lobster tail.

The Claws

After you have done enjoying the lobster tail, it is time for you to crack open the claws. 

First of all, twist the claws off right at the connection between them and the lobster’s body. By doing this, you are likely to have the whole lobster’s “arm” taken out. 

Twist the claws to separate them from the lobster's body

Then, use the lobster cracker to break the shell right in the middle of it and between the grabby parts. With proper force, there will be an opening where you can pull the meat out with the lobster fork.

>> Enjoy more on lobster body such as tomalley, roe or congealed blood cause they are edible parts of lobster.

Crack the shell using lobster cracker

Other Tiny Bits

Do not forget the tiny bits

Apart from the two main parts (the tail and the claws) where you can find the majority of lobster meat, try the tiny bits. You can take the meat out of the tail fins’ end, or you can get it from the knuckle. Despite there are not much to eat, we are sure that you do not want to miss any single taste of this delicious dish. And if you want to enjoy lobster meat with little effort, buy lobster meat at Fishermans Net now. All you need to do is reheat or cook any dish as you want.

Moreover, you should also prepare some side dishes to enjoy with lobster to fight boredom and add more nutrients to the meal. We can help you with what to serve with lobster, please read it!

Through today’s article, Fishermen’s Net hopes that you are now able to know how to properly eat a whole lobster

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