The Easy Way How To Eat Lobster Tail In A Restaurant?

The Easy Way How To Eat Lobster Tail In A Restaurant?

When it comes to seafood, the lobster tail can be one of the most expensive ones but it is worth the money you pay for. Lobster tails are usually boiled or steamed so that they still remain all the nutrition. Before enjoying delicious lobster meat, you have to crack open the shell. Read on to learn how to eat lobster tail properly.

 how to eat lobster tail

Techniques For Eating Lobster Tail

The shell of the lobster is quite hard, it’s almost impossible for you to just use your hands or teeth (maybe) to crack it. So what should you do?

Step 1: Wear a bib to catch the juices and melted butter

Of course, you want to enjoy the juices coming out of a lobster, because it’s also delicious. If you have eaten lobster before, you will probably agree with that. However, when you break apart the lobster, the juices can spray out and fly at you. Therefore, it’s wise to put a bib on before eating so that you don't stain your clothes. Or you can use the cloth in the restaurant and put it into your shirt collar. 

Step 2: Separate the tail from the body

This step is important when you unfortunately have a whole lobster on your plate, and you just want to eat the lobster tail. When you have steamed lobster, you must separate the tail from the body. This is actually an easy part as when lobster tails are properly cooked, you just need to twist the two halves apart. Besides, you can use a knife or a nutcracker instead of your hands. Or if you change your mind, you can learn how to eat a lobster in detail.

When you finish twisting, you will see a green substance from the lobster. And that’s called the tomalley, which is known as the lobster's liver. It depends on you whether you want to eat it or you want to brush it off, but it is an edible part of lobster. Either way, it’s not too difficult to do.

Step 3: Crack open the shell

To enjoy the lobster tail meat, you have to find a way to it first. And the only way you can do it is to crack open the shell. You will need a pair of shears and then flip the tail overexposing the underside. Because the softer membrane is easier to cut than the hard outer shell, all you need to do is to slice down the middle of the tail to split it in half.

 how to eat lobster tail in a restaurant

In case you don't have any lobster utensils like a pair of kitchen scissors, you can tear the tail fins off until you see openings on both sides of the tail. And then you can just use a fork to push the meat through to the other side. In addition, to split the tail in half, you can use a sharp butcher's knife, a steak knife, or kitchen shears, whichever is more convenient for you.

Step 4: Remove the black vein

Similar to shrimps, lobsters have its black vein which is the intestinal tract running through the tail. So if you don’t want to have it, just remove the vein before taking a dip into clarified butter by using your fingers.

Serve Side Dish And Drink With Lobster Tail

The most simple way to eat lobster is to dip it in clarified butter. This typical dipping sauce is served with your meal in the restaurant. If you don’t like butter, you can eat the lobster tail by itself, but the butter adds more flavors to the dish. Some others prefer adding some lemon juice as another layer of flavor to the meal.

how to eat a lobster tail

And don’t forget to get wine for lobster or any drink you like to pair with your lobster.

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Let's watch how to eat lobster tail like a pro!


So hopefully now you know eating lobster tail in a simple way. It’s easy to learn and you won’t be embarrassed whenever having lobster in the restaurant anymore.

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