Lobster Utensils Set You Should Have In The Kitchen

Lobster Utensils Set You Should Have In The Kitchen

Lobster is known as crustaceans, has a hard shell, so it is quite difficult to get its meat to use. You need to have the necessary lobster items to have the perfect lobster meal. Here we will not show you how to eat lobster, but we will introduce you to the lobster utensils for you to easily have a lobster meal.

 lobster utensils

Eat lobster with the right utensils

  1. Large Pot
  2. Tongs
  3. Large Bowl
  4. Cutting Board and Cooking Pan
  5. Large Chef's Knife
  6. Lobster Crackers
  7. Kitchen Shears
  8. Lobster Forks
  9. Rolling Pin
  10. Towels and Napkins

Large Pot

Lobsters come in many different sizes, but most of them are quite large; so you need to choose a cooking pot to match. You don't need to buy a specially crafted pot to cook lobster, it will waste your money. You just need a pot big enough to cook the amount of lobster you have. With boiled lobster, just make sure the pot is enough to hold all the lobsters inside. Some large pots will have a steam tray included, you can use them to steam lobsters instead of boiling them.

lobster tools utensils

The size of the pot is also quite important, you can cook lobsters in the pot with sizes from 4-liter to 20-liter. The amount of lobster that can be cooked depends on the weight and size of the lobsters. Make sure that after you put the lobsters in the pot you can still cover the large pot tightly. In my opinion, you can split the lobster and cook it many times because you need to wait until the lobster is less hot before we can split the shell to eat. Owning a large pot for lobster tools utensils is essential in your kitchen.



Besides lobster spices, other indispensable materials are tongs. After lobsters are done, bringing them to a plate is not really easy. Ripe lobsters will have an extra amount of water inside, making them increase in weight, especially the heat to cook lobsters. You won't be able to use your hands to get the lobster out of the pot, it's too hot!

What you need here are sturdy tongs. Tongs will help you get lobster easily without touching the hot lobster directly. Use tongs to grip the center of the lobster body or shell and take it out of the pot and put it in a large bowl or tray.

Large Bowl

With the large lobsters, the large bowl is indispensable lobster eating utensils. After taking the lobster out of the pot, you put it in a large bowl to cool down before serving. The process of separating the head from the lobster tail is very chaotic, when the two parts are separated, a lot of water flows out. You should have a large bowl to collect the runoff water which is very sweet and you can use to make soup.

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Cutting Board and Cooking Pan

If your hands are not strong enough to separate the lobster head and tail over a large bowl, you can use Cutting Board and Cooking Pan. Place the cutting board on top of the cooking pan, place the lobster on the cutting board and cut it with a knife. When cut, the water from the lobster will flow out and flow down the pan. This perfect combination will help your kitchen not clutter and get fresh water in lobster.

Large Chef's Knife

Large chef knives are indispensable lobster utensils set, every kitchen should have several. You can use it in many cases when cooking lobster such as killing a lobster, cutting, or cracking a tail.

To kill a lobster with a knife, place the tip of the knife right behind the top of the lobster, use the force to pierce the knife. If the lobster is too strong you can soak it for a few minutes in an ice bath to leave it paralyzed. You can also use a chef knife to cut along the shell from the back down to the tail to easily separate the meat inside.

The Large Chefs Knife can also help you break the shell of a lobster, which is considered the sweetest part. Use the back of the knife to knock on the crayfish to make them appear cracks, squeeze the tip of the knife into the crack and rotate it 90 degrees to crack the shell, you can take the lobster meat out.

Lobster Crackers

 lobster utensils kit

There are many different types of crackers and we are sure you will have some in your kitchen. It also has the same function as lobster crackers. These lobster crackers can easily break a lobster tail. If you want a perfect lobster meal, choosing what types of lobster crackers is quite essential. You just need to use a little force in your hand to break the lobster shell. However, you should also be careful, the lobster shell is very hard, when broken, small pieces can be lodged in your hand.

Kitchen Shears

There must be a pair of shears in your kitchen. Kitchen scissors are a useful tool, it can do well in many cases so you should have a pair of scissors in your kitchen.

With lobsters, shears can be used to cut the lanyard, remove the meat from the tail or separate the meat from the lobster claw.

If you want to take the meat from the tail, use scissors to cut the membrane on the tail and remove the meat. You can also use the nose to pull the spleen into the crayfish to cut the shells. Kitchen shears are an indispensable tool when eating lobsters.

Lobster Forks

lobster fork or a lobster pick is an essential tool for you to enjoy your lobster more easily. They help you pick and pull the meat out from the hard and small parts. You may think that the meat is too small, but that is the best part of lobster. The trick that we often do is to use the back end of the lobster fork to push the meat of the crayfish out. You should try, it is very easy. You can also use it as a regular fork, take the meat and dab in a rich sauce.

Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin here isn't as good as laminating the dough as you normally would. You can use it to roll away from the head of the lobster. The flesh inside will be ejected. Rolling Pin is only for small parts, moderately sized lobster legs, the bigger ones you can't! You can also replace it with wine bottles.

Don't forget to enjoy the lobster meat you get with wine for lobster.

Towels and Napkins

During the process of cooking and enjoying lobster, a lot of water will come out of the lobster. You need lots of paper towels to clean your hands or clean up spills.

In addition, the hot temperature of the cooked maine lobster will also cause you to burn, use towels to line your hands. The lobster shell is also very hard and the fragments are sharp. You should use a towel to protect yourself when cutting or breaking the shells.

Lobster is a great treat, to enjoy it more easily make sure you have the lobster utensils kit that we just shared. All of them are useful tools for you, they will help you know how to eat lobster easier.

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