Lobster Season - When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Lobster?

Lobster Season - When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Lobster?

Nowadays, eating seafood out-season is not too difficult, you can eat whenever you want at any time of the year, especially lobster. However, have you ever heard of when is lobster season? If not, don’t worry! Fishermen’s Net will introduce you to the best times of the year to purchase lobster! Let’s get started!

 when is lobster season

When Is Lobster Season?

Lobster fishing season depends on the location, in each place will be different. Typically, lobster season in some states is famous for lobster:

  • Maine lobster season: Year-round, mostly between June – December
  • Florida: August – March
  • California: September – March

In warm climates, lobster season usually falls in the fall and winter. In cooler climates, lobsters will be more concentrated in the summer. In general, lobsters will live in warm water environments. For example, when the temperature increases, lobsters will tend to move closer to the shore because the water here is warm. They will molt and are active in search of food for their development.

Annually, lobster is harvested in Maine and New Hampshire. However, they are majority caught from the beginning of July and late December. This is the time when lobster is most active. Lobster can also be harvested during the Winter and early Spring months, but in smaller quantities.

 when is lobster season in maine

Regardless of the season, lobsters are the easiest to fish in the Gulf of Maine, which includes the Bay of Fundy. Because the Bay of Fundy has the highest tidal variations on the planet, as well as cold and nutrient-rich water.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy Lobster?

January - March

Due to this season, lobsters are in the lowest quantities, so their prices are at the highest. In the Winter, lobsters move further offshore, requiring fishermen to use boats to travel greater distances. Another reason for this is because the weather is harsher, making it more difficult for fishermen to catch lobster.

April - June

In the early Spring, the lobster’s price will reach the peak. Nevertheless, with the warm weather, lobster fishing will increase and the price will drop in May and June. Usually, May is one of the best months of the year to purchase live lobster. Because the demand from summer resorts hasn’t risen yet, and lobsters are generally at their best quality after the cold weather months.

October - December

Now, move on to Fall, one of the best seasons of the year with high quality and quantities of lobsters. At this time of the year, we can pick up good hard-shell lobster at a reasonable price. However, the price will grow a bit at Christmas time and heads up again sharply as winter weather sets in.

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Is Summertime Lobster The Best?

In the seafood world, lobster is the synonym of summer. According to some statistics, most of the highest lobster landings are in the summer months. Fishermen work day-by-day to meet the needs of the passengers. Lobstermen can catch more lobsters in the summer because they tend to migrate to the warm water. Moreover, most of the lobster will be molten in this season, so they need to be fed and become more susceptible to trapping. This leads to the fact that between July and late September most lobsters are soft-shells.

Although soft-shell has better flavor, they have less meat than hard-shell lobster. Additionally, live soft-shells are not as strong as hard-shells, so they are more difficult to transport. Even so, the soft-shell lobsters have less meat so their price is also lower.

Can We Eat Lobster In The Winter?

 when is maine lobster season

From September to November, lobster fishing is in full swing. Live hard-shell lobsters are continuously delivered. Most of the lobster will be stored to meet the need for Christmas and New Years’ parties. Part of hard-shell lobsters is delivered to Europe and Asia. In order to prevent the seasonal changes and harvest exceeds needs, the excess will be stored or pounded. These lobsters will be used when the slower caught condition occurs.

Lobsters are less active when the water temperature drops. From January to March, the weather becomes very cold, so there is not too much lobster fishing going on. The lobster’s quality raises again in May and June, just before they shed their shell.

Soft Shell Or Hard Shell? What Is The Better Choice?

One of the most importing about lobster is distinguishing the soft-shell ones and hard-shell ones. Many people believe that soft-shell lobster is the better choice. However, Fishermen’s Net strongly advises that you should choose the hard-shell lobster. The soft-shell lobster only has a better and sweeter taste than the hard-shell ones. The fact that the soft ones yield lower meat because their shells are filled with water. Moreover, water inside can also make the meat a bit messier.

On the other hand, hard-shell lobster can be graded as grade A lobster with the best quality and quantity of meat. Hard-shell lobster can yield up to 30% meat of its total weight, and it is full of meat from claws to tail. After cooking, the white flesh is firm and dense with a sweet flavor. However, if you cook in the wrong way, hard-shell lobsters are a bit tougher than soft-shell ones. Therefore, be careful when choosing the cooking recipe!

In addition, there are many interesting things about the lobster, find out more in lobster facts.

Through the above article, have you known when is lobster season in Maine? Fishermen's Net hopes you can take advantage of all this information to have the best lobster dinner.

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