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Fresh Sea Urchin Roe (Uni) - 130gr wood tray

Fresh Sea Urchin Roe (Uni) - 130gr wood tray

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  • Sea urchin uni for sale available online as 5 oz/ tray (approx. 130gr)
  • Product ships fresh pick daily.

*Uni is the edible sea urchin meat (also called sea urchin roe)

The fall is coming and this is the season of Maine sea urchin, it will end in the spring soon, so you need to be quickly to get your own Umami flavor from our freshest sea urchin roe.

Our uni has a light yellow to orange color, a sweet flavor, a creamy, firm texture and more pronounced briny sea flavor. They are seasonally sourced from the icy Atlantic waters on Maine's rocky coast. This is one of the largest sources and regularly harvest of fresh sea urchin, so Fishermen's Net has daily access to the freshest uni available in the United States. You don't know where to buy uni? Let think about us!

How to serve fresh uni?

Uni is perishable and is best eaten right on the day of arrival.

It is delicious raw or in omelets, folded into pasta, pureed into butter or make uni sauce,...

Or you can eat in Japanese ways: sushi rolls, uni sashimi with soy sauce, uni donburi,...

When enjoying uni as appetizer, we recommend portion size for 30 grams per person and as ingredient 170 grams for 4 people.

What's the best way to store uni?

You should not store the uni in the fridge, cause it can affect to the quality of the seafood and change the taste of uni. But if you can't eat them right away, you should put them in cool water in the refrigerator at the temperature of up to 5°C. They could be store in fridge within 48 hours.

Its delicate, subtle notes of butter, brine, and sweet cream may prove quite alluring and the most: extravagantly-and healthily-addictive.

In addition, we also offer live sea urchin for gourmets that are not afraid to prepare them!

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