Live Sea Urchin

Live Sea Urchin

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  • Live sea urchin
  • Fresh caught daily
  • Sweet and full of ocean flavor
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Live sea uni has a rich buttery flavor that is combined with unami and a delicious texture that melts on your palate.

To protect your hands from accidental stings, always wear gloves while you carefully cut off the sharp ends of the spikes.

  • Working with its mouth, use kitchen shears to cut around the hole and remove the top of the shell, revealing the dangling whole along with the five points of the inner shell.
  • Pour all of the liquid inside into the bowl, catching any blades that might fall off.
  • Transfer tongue to a separate bowl of ice cold, salted water. Use tweezers or a spatula to scoop each tongue out of the water, gently rinsing to remove excess debris that may have stuck to the tongue.

We recommend eating uni immediately, whether on toast with schmear butter or toss it in hot pasta to create an emulsion sauce.

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