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10 lb Jumbo Lobster (1.8-4 lbs/ea)
10 lb Jumbo Lobster (1.8-4 lbs/ea)
10 lb Jumbo Lobster (1.8-4 lbs/ea)

10 lb box of Jumbo Lobsters (1.9-4.0 lbs/ea)

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10 lb box of Lobster

  • Guaranteed to Arrive Alive
  • Wild-Caught
  • Sustainably Harvested/ Sustainably sourced
  • Antibiotic-Free

This package contains 3-5 jumbo lobsters that weigh a total of 10 lb.

The scientific name for this lobster is Homarus Americanus, which is the same species as the Maine lobster. It is harvested in cold waters to ensure quality and flavor. It is truly massive and will fill your stomach.

Serve Jumbo Lobsters For Dinner

To experience jumbo lobster in the style of local people in Maine, don’t forget to steam lobsters in a big pot and make some appetizers, side dishes, and dessert for the whole family. 

Special Note: We recommend handling lobster humanely. When you receive the lobsters, you should remove them from the foam box and place them in the freezer for as long as 2 hours. Remove from the freezer, making sure it is no longer moving. Push the tip of a skewer or sharp chef’s knife into the center of the cross on its head. 

If you are looking for standard sized Maine lobsters, check out our lobster category page. We can even help you make sure that cooking your lobster is easy and fun for the whole family. Just check out our guide on how to cook lobster

Warning: Closing claws and tails can cause bodily harm. If lobsters arrive without bands, please exercise extreme caution when handling.

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