What Is A Chicken Lobster? Chicken Lobster Definition

What Is A Chicken Lobster? Chicken Lobster Definition

There are many different types of lobsters, from a tiny one to the giant type. When it comes to luxurious entrees, chefs usually choose chicken lobsters with no doubt. However, not everyone knows about this species because it is not very common. Please also find out some information regarding what is a chicken lobster, chicken lobster definition. What is shared in this article will help you gain more understanding.

what is a chicken lobster

What is chicken lobster?

Chicken lobster are small lobsters popular in New England. It usually takes 7 years to grow into a chicken lobster, ranging in weight from 1 - 2 lbs. The name "Chicken" also supposedly refers to the lobster's tenderness.

Naturally, they do not have a red color, but when they're cooked, they have an extremely eye-catching color.

This is the type of lobster that will shed its shell to grow up and hard shell lobsters will have more meat than soft shelled ones for this reason. They usually live in caves or crevices. Here is the information for you to know chicken lobster definition.

Sizes of different types of lobsters

Lobsters are very diverse and come in many sizes, people usually rely on that to distinguish different types of lobsters:

  • Canner: This is a lobster known for a long time. It weighs less than 1 pound, which is quite suitable for a birthday party or celebration.
  • Quarters: Each lobster weighs 1 ¼ pounds, perfect for a barbecue. It is also considered as a giant lobster.
  • Halves: This type of lobster is about 1 1 ½ pound in size and is not large but is very popular with many people. Each party can also be served as the main dish.
  • Deuces: This is a bigger type which is about 2 2 ½ pounds. normally cooked a lot of luxury parties.
  • Large Selects: It has an extremely large weight of about 2 ½ 3 ½ pounds, suitable for luxury restaurants.
  • Jumbos: This type of lobster weighs over 3 ½  the biggest type of all but they are rare. Its taste will be better than other species. This type is usually bought for luxury gifts.

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Some lobster terminologies you should know

what is chicken lobster

Lobster has many terms that you can explore:

  • Tomalley: This functions as the liver of a lobster. It is soft, green substance found in the body cavity. It also one of the edible parts of lobster.
  • Coral: It is also known as roe which is an egg or egg sac present in female fish that is dark red when alive and coral pink when cooked. 
  • Hen: Female lobster.
  • Cock: Male Lobster.
  • Paquette: lobster eggs have which have costly price the highest price
  • Cull: This is a type of lobster that has lost a part of its body.
  • Sleeper: These are lobsters that have long lived, slow-moving activity.
  • Soft Shell: Lobster with soft shell is usually lighter and will make a crunchy noise when shaken.
  • Lobster Shack: New England, especially Maine, is brimming with local restaurants. They freshly cooked lobster with very little garnish.
  • Shorts on: A term for people who are famous for lobsters. 

    These are the information shared about what is a chicken lobster. Hope that this article will help you in gaining new knowledge about chicken lobsters that you will have more understanding.


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