The Whole Process of Fresh Maine Lobster Shipping

The Whole Process of Fresh Maine Lobster Shipping

Fishermen's Net is known to be one of the places where lobster shipped from Portland Maine with decades in the business of transporting fresh seafood. We provide the best quality lobsters shipping services to ensure the full fresh flavor of the fine lobsters, which you can hardly choose in a market or store. Fresh and live Maine lobsters shipped to your house are always the best one.

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Why Should You Buy Lobsters Online?

Compared to buying lobster at markets or stores, restaurants, buying lobster online has more advantages. Firstly, you save time and effort. You no need to spend time and travel to the shop that is far from your house. Expense is saved and you don’t feel tired due to going out.

If you hate the crowd on the street, traffic jams, online shopping also helps you to avoid this situation while it still ensures that you would have a delicious meal with fresh lobsters. 

In case you are not happy with the lobster quality due to some reasons, you can immediately send us complaint. We will recheck and give you feedback in the shortest time. And how about shopping at the market? Sometimes you don't remember who sold these lobsters, or even when you remember, you have no way to complain immediately. Once again, you need to come back to the market, find them and discuss your problem.

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Fishermen’s Net - The Best Store For Fresh And Live Maine Lobsters Shipped Overnight

Fishermen's Net is a family business. We provide fresh seafood from Portland, Maine, delivered directly to your door. 

Shipping Quality Lobsters

For lobster Fishermen's Net is selling in varied quantities (from 1Lb - 30Lb), raw and cooked lobster delivered. They are caught daily by local fishermen. We always ensure the clear origin of lobsters on each product package. Lobsters are caught all year round, but especially during the lobster season Maine, usually October to December, you will buy a much cheaper price and better quality.

Fishermen's Net has worked with longtime lobster fishermen so we always choose and give top priority to the quality factor of lobster. You know live lobsters have a wide variety of quality and price. Lobsters are classified according to size, survival and quality of shell. Therefore, in order for the overnight transport of Maine lobsters to be alive and fresh, lobsters must stay alive, healthy and have a hard shell. When the lobster peels off its old shell, underneath there are new softer shells. Crustaceans are lobsters that have not recently been molted or shelled.

Lobsters just can live 20-24 hours without water, so, in order to maintain the freshness of the lobsters, freshly caught lobsters should be soaked in cold seawater tanks for several days to adjust them to cool transport temperatures. Lobsters are kept for a short time in a cold tank with fresh salt water-cooled continuously and periodically. This makes them stiffer and ready for shipping. After the lovely lobsters have been hardened, we go to packaging and shipping.

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Choose to actually sign the lobsters before packing

Lobsters Packed

Whether shipping lobsters to Boston, Massachusetts or Flagstaff, Arizona, raw lobsters must be properly packaged to ensure they are kept cold and moist during shipping. Only use thick coolers, insulated with seawater or seaweed newspaper. To transport lobsters, they should also be wrapped with cold gel packs.

It must be emphasized here that live lobsters must be more carefully packed to avoid any displacement and withstand harsh handling that could crack or break the shell. The delicacies should be packed in styrofoam boxes and then transported overnight to ensure freshness. Coolers should be at least 1 1/2 inch thick and put a thirsty pad on the bottom to hold any liquid. These containers help protect the temperature of your lobsters until they reach their destination.

Lobster Shipped From Maine

There are many types of lobster but Maine lobster is the most delicious and characteristic, most popular. Transporting live lobsters requires 3 main components:

  • Quality live lobster hard shell
  • Quality packaging which is not easy to damage
  • An experienced lobster transport company

So if the transporter does the right thing, the lobsters when delivered must be alive and in perfect condition, no matter how far they move, Fishermen's Net professional lobster transports unit according to your requirements.

Time To Order Lobster

Orders need to be received by 12 noon EST, the day your order is delivered. You can order now and schedule your delivery at checkout with our date picker.

Missed the time limit? Contact us on the website Fishermans Net. Only shipping companies with a reliable track record in shipping perishable seafood should be used. Lobsters should always be shipped overnight to ensure your shortest delivery time.

Ship To Anywhere In The USA

Fishermen's Net provides lobster delivery to most States of the United States. Due to customs law, we cannot ship lobsters to international destinations and US territories, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

No Sunday or Monday delivery. All packets must be sent to a real address. Please do not have a post office box. Make sure all addresses are correct and include the recipient's daytime phone number.

Let get some fresh lobsters and enjoy it! We offer free shipping for orders over $100.


Shipping Restrictions

Some reason why consumer don't receive the lobster:

  • Reason # 1: Invalid or incomplete shipping address. The apartment number or other important information our shipper needs is missing or incorrect.
  • Reason 2: The recipient doesn't have a home or the business is closed. When ordering a lobster as a gift, you should inform the recipient that a perishable package is being shipped so they have the right plan, otherwise, the lobster will lose all lobster nutrition or become damaged. Packages have a signature release (packages can be left at the door). However, you should be careful when handling perishable items.

What Are The Best Way To Cook A Lobster?

There are 2 ways that people usually cook lobsters is by steaming or boiling them. Steaming will make the lobster softer and less watery than boiling.

  • With steaming: Prepare a pot large enough to hold the lobster, add some water, place the rack in. Boil water. Add lobster, cover and steam for about 7 minutes for 1 pound lobster, if adding each pound, steam for an additional 3 minutes.
  • With boiled: Put lobster in a pot, pour water to cover the lobster, add 2 tbsps of salt for each quart of water. Cover and bring to a boil. Cooking time will depend on the size of the lobster. For 1-pound lobster, boil for 5-7 minutes, or for 1 1/4-pound lobster, boil for 7-9 minutes.

How Soon Should I Cook The Lobster From Receiving?

Ideally, you should cook within 24 hours of receiving the lobster. But if you don't eat it right away, you can store it in the refrigerator with the packed seaweed overnight (seaweed helps retain moisture very well). Absolutely do not use fresh water to keep the lobster moist during storage.

We just showed you how Fishermen’ Net pick, package and delivering the freshest lobsters to your table. Now you have enough confidence to use the Maine lobsters shipped service from Fishermen's Net, right? Order online and give us an opportunity to serve you!

Visit our blog for more useful tips related to the lobster. Feel free to contact us via the below contact information if you have any further questions or requests.

Address: 849 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04103.
Tel: +1 (207) 772-3565.

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