How To Grill Lobsters For Dinner?

How To Grill Lobsters For Dinner?

Lobster is known as high nutrition seafood and is loved by many diners. In addition to boiling and steaming processing, grilling lobster will increase the attractiveness of the dish. The smell of the smoke increases the attractiveness of the lobster. So, how to grill live lobster? Follow this article so you can learn the best way to grill lobsters!

how to grill lobsters


What You'll Need?

In fact, grilled lobster is the most wonderful dish because it has the smell of charcoal smoke. Add to that rich sauces used to dab on grilled lobster meat. To have a delicious grilled lobster we need to prepare a number of important utensils. And you should also choose lobster during the lobster season Maine because the price will usually be better as well as its quality.

Lobster utensils are important indispensable tools, they will make it easier to grill lobsters. Please prepare the following items:

  • Prepare a kitchen grill, it is best to use a charcoal or wood grill. However, a gas grill is not a bad choice
  • 1 1/2 lb. each live hard-shell lobster shipped from Maine
  • Kitchen scissors
  • 1 large sharp chef knife
  • Salt, pepper, crushed garlic, or your favorite herbs and spices
  • 2 sticks of butter
  • Olive oil
  • Large fresh lemons
  • Butter basting brush

Recipe Notes:

  • Prepare time: 15 min
  • Cooking time: 10 min
  • Total time: 25 min
  • Servings for: 2 people

After we have prepared the utensils to grill lobsters well, we will marinate them before grilling.

How To Prepare Live Lobsters Before Grilling?

Usually, you will roast a lobster's tail, but here we will show you how to grill whole lobsters. How to prepare a whole grilled lobster?

You should choose hard-shelled lobsters that are caught in the summer. The hard shell of the lobster helps to ensure better grilling. Thanks to the hard shell, the lobster inside does not burn or crack during grilling.

Put live lobster into a large pot and boil it for 4 minutes to paralyze it. Or you can consider other ways to kill lobsters on Fishermen's Net Blog. After lobster dies, remove it and drop it directly into a basin of ice water to prevent the cooking process and let it drain.

Turn the lobster belly upside down and use a chef knife or kitchen scissors to cut the lobster vertically. Be sure to completely cut through the meat and shell to get two halves of the lobster.


how to grill live lobsters


Use a tool to remove the dark stomach, the pebbles behind the eyes, and the soft green flesh from the two cuts. Cut off the long vein in the lobster body.

Mix a mixture of olive oil, pepper, salt, crushed garlic or any of your favorite lobster spices. Use a brush to spread the mixture evenly over the cut surfaces of the lobster meat. This mixture will give the lobster meat a great taste and won't dry out when grilled. If you have time, you should let the meat marinate 4 - 5 minutes before grilling, so that the spices will be absorbed more thoroughly.


How To Cook Lobsters On The Grill?

To be able to grill delicious lobster, the lobster grilling technique plays a very important role. Because the heat of the stove and the time it takes to flip the lobster determine its flavor.

First, you need to adjust the temperature of the oven you have prepared in advance. Place the grill and the lobster on to start grilling. Cook for 8 - 10 minutes. Note that you should not overcook the lobster, it will lose its inherent taste.

 how to grill whole lobsters

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Cooking The Lobster Claws

Lobster claws are one of the parts that are difficult to handle and difficult to cook. They have a very hard shell that often takes a long time. However, the meat inside of the crayfish is the best part. So follow us to cook the lobster claws.

First, remove all sharp thorns then put in the pot to boil for 5 minutes. Remove the lobster claws and grill directly on the grill.

Similar to roasting the lobster's body, you must pay attention to turn the lobster's face over continuously to make it evenly cooked and not burn.

Grilled Lobster Cooking Time

Grilled lobsters should be on medium heat. Do not put at too high a temperature, limit the cut meat face down on the grill. It will dry out the lobster meat and lose its freshwater. You can use a brush to apply more oil mixture to the lobsters to avoid drying out. About 4 - 5 minutes you spread 1 time.

You should only grill until the lobster meat is just cooked. Just holding over a period of time will cause the dish to lose its flavor. If overcooked, the lobster will become dry and chewy. Please pay attention to the exact time.

Complete Casual Grilled Lobster For Dinner

After you smell the aroma and the lobster meat has turned milky white, bring the lobster onto a plate serving with your favorite herbs. Cutting off a few slices of lemon juice is perfect. Or if you want to try more side dishes without knowing what to serve with lobster, read our blog!

Without going to the restaurant, you can also serve grilled lobster for the whole family. Delicious and nutritious food is not too difficult to make. Our shares about how to grill lobsters above also bring you the best lobster grilling! Wish you success with this dish!

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