How To Humanely Kill A Live Lobster?

How To Humanely Kill A Live Lobster?

Somehow, you managed to get a fresh lobster. But before you can cook a lobster, you need to treat it. If you want to make a delicious lobster dish but don't know how to humanely kill lobsters, consult the world's top chefs.

 how to kill a lobster

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Lobster Body Composition

Lobster is distinguished by its high nutritional value and is expensive food. They also attract people thanks to their unique look made up of many different parts.

The shell is the skeleton of the lobster and it cannot grow. Did you know that soft shell lobster has less meat than hard-shell lobster? The lobster's blood is colorless and when exposed to oxygen, it turns blue. The blue color is due to the iron that the lobster's body uses to transport oxygen.

The most interesting part is the lobster's brain located in its throat. Instead of the brain, their kidneys are in the head. Furthermore, the lower part of the lobster, which is the abdomen, is the site of the nervous system. A lobster's nervous system is very primitive and similar to that of an insect. It has only about 100,000 nerve cells, compared with more than 100 billion of the human.

Does A Lobster Feel Pain?

Although research shows that lobsters do not have the central nervous system or cerebral cortex to register stimulation, and therefore the organism most likely does not feel pain, there is still some debate. One crab study showed that when there is an electric shock in a certain position, the crab begins to avoid that position, the study concludes that the crab feels pain and thus will stay away from the shock.

But this did not convince everyone. Whether or not lobsters are believed to be in pain or not, killing them right before cooking is the preferred method. So maybe this humane approach is really about minimizing its own trauma. Or it was invented when chefs discovered that lobster meat is chewed from the shock of boiling water, meaning you'll have to chew more when you eat it. So killing it first can lead to softer meat.

How To Kill A Lobster?

First, you should pay attention to the lobsters caught in the lobster season, because they will be fresher and plump meat, the price is also more favorable. Now let's get to the lobster killing steps!

how to humanely kill a lobster

    1. Prepare the necessary lobster utensils to make lobster meat. Tools that need to be prepared in the processing of lobster are knives, scissors and cutting boards, small clean towels, gloves.
    2. Wash the lobster. When buying lobster, wash it, scrub away the dust that is on the lobster. Then cut 2 lobster antennae and lobster legs.
    3. Kill the lobster. There are several ways to kill a lobster before you put it in the pot. But the safest way is to put the lobster in the coldest part of the refrigerator or use ice to slow it down. The temperature you should keep your lobster cold is around 40 degrees F in an hour. 

    Then there are those who believe that a combination of the two is best: After freezing for 30 minutes, place the lobster lying down on the cutting board. Then point the chef's knife just below where the claw meets and quickly cut through the head. The leg will continue to move a little after that but the lobster is practically dead.

    Or you can put the lobster straight into boiling water, at this time the cold lobster encounters a sudden rapid increase in temperature that will make its nervous system numb.

    how to kill a lobster before cooking

    The Other Ways To Kill A Lobster

    For those who don't want to grapple with a pounding lobster, there's another way. Place the lobster in a large pot in the sink. Start filling with cold water and gradually increase the water temperature until it is very hot. This will paralyze the organism. Now you can use the knife to cut the string and then put the lobster in the pot, or cut it in half for more cooking.

    If you don't want to go through any of these steps, put the lobster in the pot of boiling water, which will kill it instantly. It's the easiest and fastest way to kill a lobster, but it will ripen.

    • Or you can remove the lobster tail from the ribcage without destroying the anterior nervous system.
    • Smash vertically to the head while the lobster is still alive.
    • Another quicker option is to stab the pointed end of a sharp knife straight down behind the lobster's eye.
    • Microwave or drowning by putting its head in boiling water first.

    Please watch the video below!

    Notes When Killing A Lobster

    Live lobsters are very perishable and must be handled promptly. It's best to cook lobsters as soon as they buy, but they can be refrigerated for up to two days if needed. Do not drop lobsters into tap water. They are saltwater organisms, and freshwater kills them.

    ➡️ Do not leave lobsters in sealed containers.

    ➡️ Do not store lobsters in stagnant water, causing pollution.

    ➡️ Wear gloves when preparing them

    ➡️ Use clean kitchen utensils, sharp cutlery.

    So now buy some lobsters and try it!

     There are many delicious dishes made from lobster. However, you need to know how to kill a lobster in order to make great dishes out of it. Or you just need order cooked lobster on Fishermen's Net, lobsters will be shipped from Maine straight to your door.

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