People Love Racing To Hunt For The Best Lobster In New England

People Love Racing To Hunt For The Best Lobster In New England

To help you have the best memories and experiences. In this article, we will present you with the list of the best lobster shacks in New England. Let's get started!

best lobster shacks in new england

About Lobster Shack

Most lobster shacks are a “no-frills” family facility with a simple menu. The right time to eat lobster delight in shacks is during lobster season, especially during the peak summer months, these family-management models are spread out on lobster farms to cater to the tourists. Because of that, some shacks have become tourist destinations loved by many tourists, while others have become tourist traps with sky-high prices. The lobster and seafood shack is a symbol of summer and a place to remember childhood memories. A trip here in the summer will definitely leave you with unforgettable memories, your childhood memories associated with this place will come back.

The location of lobster shacks may be off a side road or just on the shore. Great if you can enjoy lobsters in shacks with sea views. But not all shacks have such a vision. Most lobster shacks have absolutely no vision. Lobster farms in secluded locations are often off narrow streets or roads that can get crowded and traffic jams in warm weather. The environment familiar to lobster sheds is rocky beaches overlooking the harbor, fishermen's boats, and gulls, or perhaps a cove in the forest. Perhaps you want to combine a shopping trip at LL Bean or Kittery stores with a side trip to a local Lobster Shack. Usually, the tents are closed from October to April when the weather is cooler, so come here when they are open in spring and summer!

 best place for lobster in new england

The Best Lobster Shacks In New England You Should Visit

We have a few notes to give you before you decide to move in the best places to eat lobster in New England. In terms of costumes, you should not dress revealingly because you will most likely eat on the pier at the outdoor dining table. Normally, there are no seats indoors and the view of waiting for dinner with a lobster can be very romantic if you sit outside.

It's cool in Maine, so bring a sweater and enjoy the best lobster ever. We're sure you won't be able to resist, the dishes are made from the freshest lobsters that thrive in the waters of New England. This is where it is caught, and then it is cooked in the Lobster Stew and brought to your table. Once the lobster is served, be prepared to open it on a paper plate and have a picnic on a bare wooden table.

#1 Lobster Shacks in Maine

The biggest attraction of these restaurants to me is the freshness of the lobsters: Imagine a whole lobster brought out of the shed, cooked, and simply decorated. If cooking live lobster at home makes you uncomfortable, then this is a great alternative. Enjoying types of lobster here will make you proactive with your dishes and note that there won't be many side dishes except bread or chips. More spacious places can serve dinner with cob, onion, or chowder. Or, you may want to order an alternative lobster roll with mayonnaise and butter on a fresh roll with crisp lettuce.

Here in addition to fresh lobster, many seafood eateries serve fried, steamed or grilled seafood. The oil-flooded fryer is usually the device most worked on in the shack. Clams, cod, chips, and onions are quickly dipped and hot. Besides freshly cooked lobster and rolled lobster, fried clams have a special appeal to New England residents.

Here are some places for you to enjoy lobster in Maine

Bagaduce Lunch

  • 19 Bridge Road, Brooksville, ME 04617
  • 207-326-4729

Bagaduce was founded in 1946 and is a traditional family shack located next to a backflow waterfall on the Bagaduce River. Locals come here to enjoy fresh haddock, fried clams, crab, and lobster rolls. The owner's brother is a local lobster fisherman. So count on getting the freshest caught lobster. Remember to order the onion ring and watch the bald eagles soar above their heads.

Beal's Lobster Pier

  • 182 Clark Point Road, Southwest Harbor, ME 04679-441

Here you will enjoy fresh lobster right on the jetty next to the Coast Guard's work base with a view of the Southwest Harbor. Sit at the outdoor dining table, drink beer and eat fresh seafood! Surely you will be very unforgettable.

FiveIslands Lobster Company

  • 1447 Five Islands Rd, Georgetown, ME
  • 207-371-2990

You will enjoy lobsters in a shack on the edge of the harbor overlooking the rocky shores and lobster farming boats. Seats are open on the pier.

Perry's Lobster Shack

  • 1076 Newbury Neck Road Surry, ME
  • 207-667-1955

Perry's is run by Perry and his wife Beverly. This lobster shack is located on the side of Newbury Neck Road, with stairs leading to the town's beach. Perry's menu is simple, with fresh lobster, mussels, and corn.

Waterman's Beach Lobster

  • 343 Waterman Beach Road, South Thomaston, ME 04858-3325
  • 207-596-7819

This award-winning restaurant James Beard and a model large lobster farm in New England. Come here to try the ginger cream: with a blueberry cake, it's great!

#2 Lobster Shacks In Massachusetts

Roy Moore The Lobster Company

  • Rockport, MA 01966
  • 978-546-6696

Roy Moore's is a local academy founded in 1918, located on the harbor of Rockport's Bearskin Neck. Here you will be rewarded with delicious lobster, smoked salmon, fish cake, clam chowder, and lobster on the menu at bargain prices. The downside is that the seats are located in tight quarters with the crates used as rear seats.

Sesuit Harbor Cafe

  • 357 Sesuit Neck Rd Dennis, MA 02638
  • (508) 385-6134

This is one of our list of the lobster shack we want to send you out because it is a really great option for a beautiful seafood spot. It is located in a marina and marina, with Cape Cod style. Customers sit at the outdoor dining tables on the canal between Sesuit Harbor and Cape Cod Bay, from where you can watch boats in and out.

 best places to eat lobster in new england

#3 Best Lobster Shacks In New Hampshire

Brown’s Lobster Pound

  • 407 NH-286, Seabrook
  • (603) 474-3331

This family-owned business has been a staple since 1950, and continues to serve everything from fried clams, four types of chowder, grilled dishes and yes, boiled and steamed lobster with butter. If you feel like doing all the work, head to the place to pick up live lobsters that you can cook at home.

Markey’s Lobster Pool

  • 420 New Hampshire 286, Seabrook
  • (603) 474-2851

You can't talk about Brown's without mentioning Markey's and the rivalry among neighbors. Located across from each other, the two restaurants both have a loyal following, who might not dare set foot in opposition. Is it the Red Sox/Yankees of the lobster world? Probably not, but maybe you should try dining at both and see for yourself. Open since 1971, this is another great family owned business with roots in New Hampshire. In addition to all the usual menu items - fried seafood, fresh lobster, clams, mussels, shrimp, collard greens, and more. - they also have a live bar with oysters, cherries and shrimp cocktails. Beer and wine are also available. Cash only.

Petey's Summertime Seafood & Bar

  • 1323 Ocean Blvd Rye, NH 03870
  • 603-433-1937

Petey's is a "seafood shack" located between Hampton and Portsmouth, NH, across the beach. The shack was made up of an old shipwreck with access to a public beach. It has a deck on the second floor with great views and Petey’s post office parking lot that serves lobster rolls on a trolley. Try the grilled black dotted cod with stuffed lobster or seafood chowder.

Find out more the places that have the best lobsters in NYC


#4 Lobster Shacks In Rhode Island

Evelyn's Drive-In

  • 2335 Main Road Tiverton, RI 02878
  • (401) 624-3100

Evelyn's Drive-In has been serving fresh, local seafood since 1969. Evelyn's is a sit-down restaurant. When you come here order a bowl of Rhody chowder, some stuffing, and a hearty lobster roll, don't forget to enjoy the delicious Lobster Chow.

The Country Chowder Shack

  • 101 Old Hartford Pike North Scituate, RI 02857
  • 401-934-2044

Don't drive all the way to the beach for some decent seafood. This Rhode Island “hidden gem” Chowder Shack could be your last chance to enjoy a red Rhode Island bread before you drive to Connecticut. Country Chowder also has white bread, stuffed bun, clam cake, and hot softener. Chowder Shack is open from March 19 to October 31.


#5 Lobster Shacks In Connecticut

Johnny Ads

  • 910 Boston Post Rd. Old Saybrook, CT
  • 860-388-4032

You will be going back to the 1950s at Johnny Ads. This is where fried seafood and hot-rolled lobster butter never go out of style. The apricots even said that they made "damn lobster rolls". Don't miss the amazing Hummel Brothers sausage served on avocado “square” rolls with crispy fries. The clam soup on Rhode Island is the top delicacy.

Lobster Landing

  • 152 Commerce St Clinton, Connecticut
  • (860) 669-2005

If you want a real Connecticut lobster roll, this is the place to visit. That means a roll without mayo, it’s hot buttery lobster on a toast to the top! You can bring anything you want that is not on the menu, including beer and wine!

What Should I Choose From The Lobster Variety Menu?

The specialty that you must try when coming to these eateries is a simple cooked whole lobster. Common sizes of lobster served typically fall from 1 1/4 pounds to 1/2 pounds, but some lobster farms will have 1 pound. After being caught from fishermen, lobsters will be preserved alive in large seawater tanks.

We've just sent you a list of the best place for lobster in New England you can visit for a nutritious lobster dish. Wish you have a trip with many memories and unforgettable memories.

If cooking live lobster at home can be a challenge, then serving at the shack heart is a great alternative.

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