How To Thaw Frozen Lobster Tails Quickly?

How To Thaw Frozen Lobster Tails Quickly?

For those who love seafood dishes, lobster tail is a dish not to be missed. However, it is not always fresh, so people often use the frozen method. It not only freshens the lobster, but also helps it retain the flavor of the lobster. Before processing, you must also find a way to defrost properly. Here are how to thaw lobster tails that you can refer to before processing. 

 how to thaw lobster tails

Why do you need to thaw lobster tails before cooking?

It is not natural that people freeze to make lobster more delicious, in spite making it difficult to process. Especially for the lobster tail must be separated from the shell. When shelling lobster, lobster will be susceptible to bacterial infection.

Storing in the refrigerator will also not make lobsters fresh and long. Unlike fresh whole lobsters, lobster tails spoil more quickly. Frozen lobster is safer for health than refrigerated. Therefore, you need to know how to thaw frozen lobster tails to be able to process.

How to thaw lobster tails?

When freezing lobster tails, the only downside is that it can't be cooked as quickly as possible. You must defrost them, but you must know how to defrost them properly to ensure that the meat is fresh and safe. Here is how to thaw lobster tails quickly that you can apply.

Overnight method

 how to thaw frozen lobster tails

You will have to wait 24 hours before enjoying the overnight method. This is a method to keep the tails safe when in the right temperature. Of course it will take longer than a quick defrost. First you will have to prepare a sealed plastic bag, put the lobster tail in the bag. After doing this step, put it in the refrigerator's last compartment. Time it for about 24 hours so that the lobster tail has been defrosted, you can take it away for processing.

Quick-thaw method

This method helps to defrost in a quick time, but there is a disadvantage that after defrosting it will need to be processed immediately. The way to do it is to need a bowl of cold water, lobster tails in a sealed bag. Put the lobster in the bag into a bowl of water to make sure the tail is completely submerged. Soak in water for about 30 minutes then change the water once. So change the water in the bowl about 2 times, the lobster tail will be defrosted.

Microwave method

This is the fastest way to thaw lobster tails of all methods. However, it is not recommended to use this method because it may cook some of the lobster meat. Only when you have a family party that needs to be processed quickly should you apply this method. You just need to put the lobster tail on a plate and then put it in the microwave. Then take it out and the lobster tails have been defrosted.

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How long to thaw lobster tails?

"How long to thaw lobster tails?" is the question that most people are concerned with when applying freezing methods. It is not possible to give the same number for methods, each way to thaw lobster will take a different time.

As mentioned the method that takes up the most time, in about 24 hours it is the overnight method. With the quick-thaw method, you will have to wait from 30 to 60 minutes to complete. If you want to quickly defrost lobster tails, you can apply the Microwave method, which only takes about 3 minutes.

how to thaw lobster tails quickly

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Above is the information shared about how to thaw lobster tails that everyone should know. Hopefully through that you will know more experiences to be able to prepare the most delicious meals for your family.

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