How To Steam Lobster Tails For A Valentine Dinner? How Long To Steam Lobster Tails?

How To Steam Lobster Tails For A Valentine Dinner? How Long To Steam Lobster Tails?

Are you trying to find a romantic way to enjoy lobster tails with your loved one during Valentine? If so, why don’t you try the steaming method? It is arguably the most traditional and time-saving way to cook lobster tails, which promises you and your partner with a lovely Valentine dinner. Together with Fishermen’s Net, let’s learn how to steam lobster tails to perfection! 

 how to steam lobster tail

What To Prepare Before Steaming Lobster Tails?

Needed ingredients

  • 2 - 6 lobster tails (approximately 0.3 pound per tail) in lobster season
  • 1 tbsp of butter per lobster tail.
  • 2 oz of sea salt. 

    Recipe notes

    • Preparing time: 3 minutes.
    • Cooking time: 4 - 13 minutes.
    • Serves: 2 - 6 people. 

    How To Steam Lobster Tails? - A Full Instruction Of 9 Steps

    how to steam a lobster tail

    Step 1: First of all, you need to prepare a large-enough pot and lid that can hold all of your lobster tails. Also, you should make sure that both of them have room for the steam to circulate around the lobster tails. Although using the same equipment, don't be confused with how to reheat lobster

    Step 2: 

    Bring a pot of water with a steamer insert to a boil. This is to ensure that your lobster tails will not be submerged in the steaming water. Add some salt to water.

    Step 3: Next, pour cold water into the pot to a depth of approximately 2 inches.

    Step 4: Take out the lid to cover the pot, then bring the water to a boil. 

    Step 5: Once the water is boiling, add in the lobster tails as quickly as possible, then re-cover the pot. 

    Step 6: Now, all you need to do is wait for the heat to do its job. You can take the steaming time chart in the next section for your reference. 

    Step 7: When you have reached your approximate cooking time, remove the pot from the heat. Then, remove the tails with metal tongs, a slotted spoon, or by straining. You should carefully check on one of the lobster tails. A note for you when steaming lobster tails is that any perfect steamed lobster tail should be completely cooked in the center of the meat.

    Step 8: If the tail which you have just checked is thoroughly cooked, immediately take all the remaining lobster tails from the steaming pot. Otherwise, the tails can be overcooked! Remember to use tongs or gloves when taking the tails out in order to protect your hands from being burnt. 

    Step 9: Now, the lobster tails are ready for you to enjoy!

    How Long To Steam Lobster Tails?

    Steaming time
    From the table above, you can get an estimate of how long to steam 4 oz lobster tail or how long to steam 8 oz lobster tail,... So a 4 oz lobster tail will take from 5 - 8 minutes, 8 oz lobster tail will take from 8 - 10 minutes to steam. The lobster tail will be bright red and their meat turns white and tender.

    How To Serve Steamed Lobster Tails?

    Now that you have finished the cooking process, the question is: “How to serve steamed lobster tails?”. As you may have already known, the most typical and traditional way is to eat lobster tails with melted butter (unless you don't know how to enjoy lobster, read more How to eat lobster tail). Along with the continuous development of the foodservice industry, nowadays, there are many ways to dress steamed lobster tails to your preference. Then, why don’t we mix things up a little bit for a better lobster tails dish? 

    You can try jazzing the clarified butter up with a few more ingredients. A common way to add a quick spin on melted butter is to add in freshly minced garlic. After doing this, you will have a tasty mixture of garlic butter to serve with your lobster tails. In case you do not want any garlic at all, you can make lemon butter instead by putting in a squeeze of fresh lemon and a pinch of chopped parsley.

    how long to steam lobster tail

    Read more: What to serve with lobster tails?

    What if you are looking for a healthier way to serve steamed lobster tails? Just substitute a variety of spices for your butter! We recommend you to use lobster spices like salt and pepper, since they are no doubt an excellent topper on your lobster tails. You should use fresh sea salt, as it helps to bring out the tender, natural flavour of the main dish. You can also toast whole peppercorns and pulverize them for smokier touch if you want to spice the black pepper up.

    If you want to add in even more spice, cajun seasonings will offer a nice punch! However, you should be extra careful of the additional salt these seasonings contain. 

    Last but not least, when it comes to displaying a lobster tail dish, the easiest way to present is with a garnish of parsley and lemon wedges. 

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    Congratulations on graduating from the “How to steam a lobster tails” course! With just some simple steps, you are now able to create a masterpiece for your Valentine’s dinner. If you are looking for some new techniques to cook lobster tails, check out other recipes from us in the below links! 

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