How lobster eyes work? How can lobster see?

How lobster eyes work? How can lobster see?

Normally we eat lobster just thinking about what kind of lobster it is, weight, price. People only think about the valuable information of lobsters, but few people pay attention to their eyes. Lobster's eyes are special and cause curiosity for many people. Let's find out how lobster eyes work through the information shared below.

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How can lobster see?

Lobster eyes can still be seen in dimly lit environments under dense mud. The lobster's visual system is composed of a grid of thousands of squares. The role of the meshes in this lobster's eye is completely different from that of the human eye: it receives only incoming light rays that are roughly parallel to the reflecting surface - the wall of the lobster grid.

Based on this feature, the incident light rays are almost completely reflected from the reflectors to the retina - the light-sensitive spot that captures the signal image. With a structure like this, lobster eyes can capture more light than other creatures.

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The principle of reflection is the principle of operation of the lobster, it is the opposite of the principle of human refraction. Analyze to better understand this principle. In its eyes there are many squares that have done the reflection. It can be called the lobster's optics and plays a major role in what the eye can see.

Those are just the principles so that lobsters can know the direction and what's around them. In fact, lobster eyes cannot see all images like humans. Although it cannot see images, it can still see every movement around it through the light shining on it. Lobster eyes can't see, but it still knows everything around because of thousands of optical squares in their eyes.

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How do lobster eyes work?

As introduced, another cool lobster eyes person is operating based on the principle of reflection. When they want to work, the light will be reflected from their eyes. It will reflect light beams on its own instead of having to bend through the lens like humans.

The reflected light when active will also send all reflected beams through seeing a real object going to the same focus. Each eye of the lobster you can also see is placed on a small branch. And when it wants to see something, it can move. It is like a mirror with two sides that can be felt and seen anywhere. As far as some lobster facts, in each eye there are up to 10,000 faces that are always active like many small eyes. This is invisible to the human eye.

how lobster eyes work

According to research by scientists, lobster eyes cannot see images like humans. They only rely on perception and light to judge everything around them. Besides, its eyes can always detect motion in dim light when it shines on. As for the light that is too bright, the shrimp will be blind and can't see anything at all. It can only rely on its long antennae to sense the surrounding life to see if there is food or anything dangerous lurking. Four small antennae on the front of their heads are used to smell food. Besides, lobsters can also rely on it to distinguish all chemicals in the water. Based on the principle of operation of the lobster eye, humans have used it as an X-ray telescope.

It can be seen that there are always differences in the operation of lobster eyes. Those are very interesting things that anyone should explore. Hopefully with the information shared above you will have more understanding for yourself.


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