What Are Rare Lobster Colors? Why Are They Different Colors?

What Are Rare Lobster Colors? Why Are They Different Colors?

Lobster colors always become a matter for people to discuss. Many people will only be familiar with red lobster without knowing that this product also has a variety of different colors. If you see lobsters with such a variety of colors, you will surely be surprised and excited. Let's find out what interesting lobster colors have through the information shared below. 

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  1. What color are lobsters?
  2. Why are there rainbow colored lobsters?
  3. How do lobster have the blue color?
  4. Why are most lobsters a dark brown color?
  5. The odds of catching rare colored lobsters
  6. Why do lobsters color become bright red when cooked?
  7. See rare colored live lobsters

What color are lobsters?

The lobster color changes when freshly caught and when cooked. This is something that very few people notice because they mostly only see cooked lobster.

When uncooked, lobsters come in a variety of colors that provide an interesting look. According to the sharing of fishermen in the sea, they often catch lobsters. When caught, they often have many colors such as: blue, yellow, red, brown and spotted. Lobsters with hard shells are darker in color. Besides, soft shell lobsters are usually lighter in color. This is completely visible to the naked eye. Surely you rarely see colorful lobsters, so it will be somewhat surprising when talking about the color of lobsters. 

Why are there rainbow colored lobsters?

Many people will wonder where the rainbow colors come from. This is a phenomenon that is not very common, but does happen. There are hermaphroditic lobsters that will come in two colors. Not a natural lobster is born with many different colors. It also has to be due to changes in the process of maturation or environment.

The pigment cells in a lobster's shell will help its outer shell to change to a variety of colors. Therefore, on a lobster there will be many colors. However, just cooking means that those colors will disappear and become red.

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How do lobster have the blue color?

Not only lobster but human skin also has many colors. Some people are white, some are brown, and some are black. That's due to a type of pigment that determines it called melanin. Lobsters also rely on a pigment called astaxanthin to give them their green color. Normally people will hear that astaxanthin pigment is naturally red, not blue. Yes, but when astaxanthin is combined with certain proteins, it changes to a variety of colors such as blue or yellow. There is only one special type of lobster that does not have any pigment: white lobster.

Yellow is a relatively striking color anywhere. 

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Why are most lobsters a dark brown color?

A question that many people are also curious about is why the lobster colors is usually dark brown. The dark brown color also helps lobsters to adapt to their natural environment. It is not natural that most lobsters wear a dark brown shell.

In fact, if the color of the body is chosen, the lobster will never choose blue and not yellow. Because blue and yellow are two colors that stand out too much, making them easy to spot. The surrounding prey will be easy to detect if it is those colors. Lobster is dark brown for the purpose of helping itself to integrate with the environment. Helps toad lobsters escape predators quickly.

Dark brown is a color that can help lobsters hide from many stalkers. And it's also harder to spot them. Therefore, it is not too strange that most lobsters are dark brown.

The odds of catching rare colored lobsters

Lobsters come in different colors due to genetic variations. The odds of catching a blue lobster are 1 in 2 million. Orange are 1 in 10 million, yellow lobsters and calico lobsters (with mottled orange and black shells) are 1 in 30 million, split-colored lobsters varieties at 1 in 50 million. The rarest color lobster - white lobster - odds of catching them at 1 in 100 million.

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Why do lobsters color become bright red when cooked?

Normally people will be familiar with the image of bright red lobsters. It is not surprising to see lobsters as they are red. But a more interesting question is whether their true color is red.

About this information, there are quite a few mixed opinions, some people think that wild lobsters are red. But some people think that only when cooked, will it turn red.

It's so laggy, lobsters are red only after being cooked. Regardless of the type of lobster, most lobsters that are green, yellow or brown when cooked will turn red.

Why this strange phenomenon? That's because all the pigments present in the lobster's shell that make up those colors are masked to give the red color. Unless astaxanthin already has a red base pigment available, it will still appear red. During cooking, the pigments present in the shells of lobsters are destroyed. Therefore, it will return to the red pigment. Specifically, when lobster shells are exposed to heat on fire, the proteins that astaxanthin previously bound to create many colors will be destroyed. It is then that the pigment begins to show up in its natural state, and of course it has a bright red color.

There is no color that can be kept in hiding except for the albino lobster. Its body will not fade to red no matter how many times it is cooked. So you can know the reason why lobsters turn red when cooked.

See rare colored live lobsters

Specifically, some rare colors of lobster are found in special lobsters. People also often use color to name these lobsters. It has many varieties such as: Blue lobster, yellow lobster, albino lobster, dark brown lobster. There are calico lobsters that have a dark orange color combined with black spots. There is a very special type, the hermaphrodite, the chimenical lobster. This type is divided into 2 halves of color, the four sides represent the male and the other side represent the female.

With those beautiful colors, anyone wants to see firsthand the true lobster color when they are alive. So do you want to see these rare colors of lobster? Then find yourself a trip and come to West Boothbay Harbor, while here don't forget to visit the Maine State Aquarium. This is an extremely famous address for colorful lobster.

Above is the information shared about the color of lobster that you can learn. Surely, seeing lobster colors with your own eyes will be a great thing.

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