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Frozen Australian Greenlip Abalones (Bào ngư Úc đông lạnh)

Frozen Australian Greenlip Abalones (Bào ngư Úc đông lạnh)

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Abalone is a univalve mollusk with a flat, smooth, pale, oval shell, containing a large muscular foot with a bright green frill or lip. The Australian Greenlip Abalones is sustainably farmed in waters of the great Southern Ocean in summer. It is often harvested at 3 years of age.


8 pieces of frozen abalone per 1 box.

Every bite has a buttery and salty taste. Their texture has a slight crunch when eaten raw and yet extremely tender when cooked, with a flavor similar to a sweet scallop.

Cooking method

Good for making sashimi and pair with grated Japanese wasabi or grilling, steaming.

The average yield is 35%.

Use a short-bladed knife to cut around the edge between the meat and the shell, remove the flesh and cut off the intestines (the small sheath attached to the underside). Wash and dry.

Trim off the small tassel at the top (next to the small antennas), trim off the frills and lips, turn over, and cut a thin layer on the surface of the foot where the stone is attached; cut all surfaces of any dark material.

Under cold running water, use a knife to remove the remaining brown film on the face.

Cut horizontally and tenderize by placing between two freezer bags and lightly pounding with a mallet.

The main feature of Abalone is its sturdy construction; It contains little oil and has a medium flavor and moisture content. It's best to cook very quickly over high heat (for just a few seconds) or braise very slowly (up to 6 hours, depending on size).


Live Abalone is 250g-350g when fully grown, with the shell measuring 13-17cm. ‘Cocktail’ Abalone shells generally measure 7-11cm.

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