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Red Tobiko Sushi Caviar

Red Tobiko Sushi Caviar

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  • Crunchy tobiko with a hint of sweet and smoky-salty taste
  • Storage: Frozen
  • Thaw under refrigeration before use
  • Keep frozen 0°F or below
  • Product is perishable and must ship overnight.

Ingredients: Flying fish roe (wild caught), herring roe, high fructosecorn syrup, soy sauce, salt, MSG, FD & C Red #40.

What is red tobiko?

This high-quality, tiny and colorful little tobiko roe comes from flying fish roe and its bright-red natural hues comes from beetroot, by boiling down to create a reddish-purple concentrate. (although the true color of tobiko is bright orange). This eye-catching color makes it a perfect match for appetizers and hors d'ouevres. In addition, each of red fish eggs has a small size ranging from 0.5 to 0.8 mm, but larger than masago.

What does red tobiko taste like?

Tobiko is not flavorful when taken in its natural state. Only after it has been processed with flavoring does this product take on the form a favorite amongst sushi chefs nationwide.

Red tobiko in particular and all kinds of tobiko in general add a crunchy texture as well as salty taste to your dish. There is nothing as satisfying as the crunch of biting tobiko.

How to serve red fish eggs?

This red tobiko is usually used to garnish sashimi and sushi rolls, sushi maki, nigiri,… not just for its flavor, but because it has a crunchy texture and bright look. Red fish eggs are especially attractive when serve with raw oysters, to add some salty taste to them.

Red Tobiko will remain optimal in your refrigerator, unopened, for 4-6 weeks. Once opened, you must consume within 3 days.

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