When Is Soft Shell Crab Season?

When Is Soft Shell Crab Season?

Surely everyone knows about soft shell crab, and may have enjoyed it. When eating you can enjoy the whole crab without having to shed the shell. Whole soft shell crab are processed into many delicious and attractive dishes. They are quite difficult to harvest because it needs to choose the right time, before they can regrow new shells or move elsewhere. So when is the soft shell crab season? How to choose and cook them? Let's continue reading in the following article.

 soft shell crab season

Soft shell crab season has very different external characteristics

What is soft shell crab?

Soft-shell crabs are regular crabs, which can often be blue crabs. Their soft-shells form after they shed their old shell and make new, bigger ones.

Soft shell crabs are covered and protected by a chitinous exoskeleton. Besides that, there is calcium and calcification creating a hard, solid crust. These crusts develop and shed many times over time.

The molting process will appear one to two days before. Soft-shell crabs absorb seawater so their bodies swell, making it easier for them to expand their old shells. At the same time separates small cracks on the body.

After splitting to create a fissure, the soft shell crab pushes out and retracts the body repeatedly. This is when the crab needs to pull out the old shell, the front legs separate from the old shell completely. Thus, the soft shell crab appeared. Because the new shell is so soft, their entire body is edible.

When is soft shell crab season?

 when is soft shell crab season

Soft shell crab season in Maine starts in May and lasts until about September. At the time of the full moon, the crabs begin to molt, so that the body can adapt to the summer.

If you don't know, this is also lobster season, with more catching activity and relatively cheap lobster prices, so you can enjoy lobster and soft shell crab both together.

Few tips when buying soft shell crab

when are soft shell crabs in season

When choosing to buy soft shell crab, pay attention to whether it has been frozen before. Because when freezing, soft shell crab will not be safe. The way to tell is that they are not wrapped in glass paper.

You should buy fresh soft shell crab and alive of course. It is best to buy a whole baby to take home and clean it yourself. An externally recognizable feature is the soft shell crab with its claws intact, and full legs.


How to preserve soft shell crab after buying?

When buying soft shell crab at the market, there are 2 options. The first is that it has been cleaned and frozen. The second is that the soft shell crab is still alive.

If you choose soft-shell crabs that have been cleaned, you should only wash and cook them when you return.

When buying products that are still alive, they can be preserved for further use. This seafood will not live long, but to preserve it can be refrigerated for a maximum of 1-2 days, and you must cook immediately afterwards, should not leave it for too long, the crab may die or rot.

What is the best way to cook soft shell crab? 

 soft shell crab season 2022

Soft shell crab can make many delicious dishes

There are many methods of cooking soft shell crab. Everyone can learn the best dishes made from soft shell crabs. However, the best way to cook soft -shell crab is still grilled, pan-fried or deep-fried in oil.

To have a great dish you need to prepare some more ingredients: Wheat flour, tapioca flour, spices. Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well with the soft shell crab. Have to let the seasonings infuse for about 1 to 2 minutes. You can bring them to the oven, frying pan, .. to cook. Choose the cooking method that you feel will taste the best.

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Above is some information you should know about soft shell crab season. This is a very nutritious seafood and can be prepared in many delicious dishes. So you should learn more to get more understanding.

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