The Easiest Way To Shuck An Oyster Without An Oyster Knife

The Easiest Way To Shuck An Oyster Without An Oyster Knife

 Oysters are considered a food that is both delicious and nutritious, so most housewives choose it in their daily menu. However, a difficult stage in oyster processing is shucking an oyster because the shell is quite hard and takes a long time. Therefore, in the sharing below, Fishermen's Net will reveal to you 3 simple and quick tips about how to shuck an oyster without an oyster knife at home, don't miss it!

 how to shuck an oyster without an oyster knife

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  1. How to shuck an oyster with fire?
  2. How to shuck an oyster with paring knife?
  3. How to shuck an oyster by using screwdriver?

How to shuck an oyster with fire?

Open an oyster traditionally is a method used by many people because of the fast process, simple and uncomplicated preparation tools. However, there are hard shellfish that are difficult to separate by hand, so you can apply the method of separating oysters by heat. However, to know how to do it, you must have a thorough study.

how to shuck oysters without an oyster knife

Advantages of using heat from fire to shuck an oyster

Separating oysters by hand will take a lot of work from housewives, sometimes even dangerous. That's why people use the heat of fire to replace knives. Here's how to shuck an oyster without a knife that's safe but doesn't take too long for housewives.

Besides, using heat from the fire will save you a lot of time to prepare food. We also will not need to prepare many items to perform. Everything is available in every family's kitchen space.

Quick steps to shuck an oyster from the heat of the fire

For those who have never made oysters, shucking oysters will be a difficult and time-consuming step, but you do not need to worry too much. With how to shuck an oyster without oyster knife with fire, the implementation is extremely simple:

Step 1: Put the oysters on the charcoal grill/ gas stoves with high heat (or microwave) for 3 - 5 minutes, the high temperature helps the oysters automatically open the upper shell.

With this step, you can go to cook oysters without shucking. You can refer to our suggested recipes in this article "How to cook oysters?"

Step 2: Next, use scissors to cut the edge of the oyster shell about 1cm, then use the scissors to press against the top edge of the shell and force it down.

Step 3: Finally, when the oysters are separated, take and wash the top layer of the oyster shell.

How to shuck an oyster with paring knife?

The method of shucking an oyster paring knife is also applied effectively by many housewives. With our sharing, you can also apply it to make the cooking process faster.

how to shuck an oyster without oyster knife

Advantages of shuck an oyster with paring knife

The process of shucking oysters by paring knife also has many advantages for housewives. With this method, the oysters will be fresher before cooking than using heat to separate. Besides, you can also actively use the knife to separate the oysters at any time.

Please note that when you buy oysters, you will soak them in clean water for 2-3 hours, making the mud outside the oysters softer and easier to clean. After soaking for enough time, use a large brush to scrub from the roll of the lid along the curved lines to the mouth of the oyster to remove the mud layer.

Note that you should scrub the oysters under running water, scrubbing the oysters will wash away the mud layers on the oyster shell, you will not need to wash it many times but the oysters are still clean, effectively saving time.

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Steps to shuck an oyster

After preparing the paring knife to shuck an oyster and cleaning the oysters with clean water, follow these steps:

Step 1: You should first soak oysters with salt water to wash away the dirt and dust on the rough shell that affects grilled oyster dishes.

Step 2: After that, observe whether the edge of the oyster has a gap, if you use a sharp knife to squeeze in until the knife is submerged about the inside, just rotate the blade slightly, the oyster shell will pop out, keep holding. The knife is close to the flat shell to cut off the muscle connecting 2 pieces of oyster shell together.

Step 3: Finally, when the oyster has split in half, break the flat shell to complete the shelling process.

In case there is no gap at the edge of the oyster or the gap is too small, for rock oysters with a harder shell than milk oysters, use a hammer to break the edge of the oyster, then follow the steps above to separate the oyster.

How to shuck an oyster by using screwdriver?

Cooking oyster-related dishes has never been easier when shucking an oyster. How to shuck oysters at home using a screwdriver also brings many benefits to housewives.

Advantages of using a screwdriver to shuck an oyster

If you are learning the right way to shuck an oyster, it is important to choose the right method to do it. Learning how to shuck an oyster with a knife will make the full experience handy, but can be very dangerous at times. Then we need to find a safer tool to not have an accident when shucking an oyster.

If you know how to grate an oyster with an oyster knife but you don't have one handy, a pair of replacement tools may suffice including a flathead screwdriver. It is not necessary to have a sharp blade to separate oysters properly, but a screwdriver is enough to do this difficult job. The biggest advantage of this method is its high level of security.

Steps to shuck an oyster with a screwdriver

How to shuck oysters without an oyster knife with a screwdriver is not too difficult. You just need to do a few basic steps as follows:

Step 1: Prepare a screwdriver with a flat head to conduct oyster separation. The flat head screwdriver has a shape similar to a paring knife.

Step 2: Rinse the screwdriver thoroughly and then gently shake the head against the hinge of the previously cleaned oyster. The screwdriver will firmly jam into the oyster shell before the shell pops out.

Step 3: We will use all our strength but also need to be careful to be gentle to minimize the possibility of the shell breaking. After successfully shuck oysters, turn the screwdriver to pry the shell open further. Just like that, do all the remaining oysters to proceed with the processing of the dishes as planned.

This video will show you exactly how to shuck an oyster without an oyster knife!

Above is how to shuck an oyster without an oyster knife shared by Fishermen's Net. Hopefully through that, housewives will no longer worry about shucking an oyster to prepare delicious dishes for the family.

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