Live Blood Clams
Live Blood Clams
Live Blood Clams

Live Blood Clams

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Live blood clams - caught from the West Coast. As their name implies, the clams are red, due to having the red blood pigments hemoglobin and myoglobin. This gives them better oxygen transfer allowing them to live in murky low oxygen environments.

The special thing is that blood clams filter 40 liters of sea water per day. With the sweet and salty flavor, they are perfect for your cookout, grilled or steamed with lemongrass.

You will find that blood clams have a deliciously crisp succulence, like geoduck, and a flavor that is not as briny as a littleneck or cherrystone clam. 

Blood clams are native to waters around the world and are cultivated in Southeast Asia. They are rich of protein, mineral such as magnesium and zinc which help strengthen the body endurance, and vitamin A, B1, B2, C, etc.

Cooking suggestion after deeply cleaning the shells:

1. Boiling: Boiling a little bit of water (add lemongrass as your favor), then pouring the clams into the pot, covering by lid and turning the stove off. Wait for 2-3 minutes.

2. Grilling: Putting them on the grill until the shells are opened. You could add any sauces as your favor. Tip: Try them with green scallion sauce added some salt, pepper and sugar, and smashed peanut topping.

3. Stir frying: Browning some garlic cloves, stir frying them and adding any sauces you like

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