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Maine Lobster Special

Maine Lobster Special

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Looking for the most special lobsters online? Yes, you have come to the right place. When you order special Maine lobsters online with us, you will receive only the best lobsters Maine has to offer. This deal is perfect for those who love fresh Maine Lobster. Perfect for family or gatherings and vacations.

Please choose ONE of the following OPTIONS (Same price)

1. 10 Maine lobsters size 1-1.19lbs (Chics)

2. 8 Maine lobsters size 1.2-1.39lbs (Quarters)

3. 6 Maine lobsters size 1.4-1.7lbs (Halves)

If you want to choose more quantities, please check their specific size to get better prices.

Maine Lobster - Guarantee alive upon arrival

Some quick-cook lobster instruction

1. Boiling (timing after the water boiled):

  • Chics ~ 8-10 min
  • Quarters ~ 10-12 min
  • Halves ~ 12-14 min

2. Steaming (timing after the water boiled):

  • Chics ~ 10-12 min
  • Quaters ~ 12-14 min
  • Halves ~ 14-16 min

3. Baking/Grilling: Internal temperature of lobster is 145 degrees Fahrenheit

Quick-tip: Choose a pot have lots of room for the water boiling to cook the lobsters


How to tell if lobster is undercooked? The meat is partly transparent

How to tell if lobster is overcooked? The meat is chewy and tough

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