A mix of crabs

Live Fresh Crab combo 2 (Jonah crabs, Dungeness crabs, and Norwegian crabs)

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Are you wondering which crabs have better taste? Why don't you experience them by yourself? 
One combo is included: 
- 1 count of Dungeness Crab (male - full of meat, shells are easy to be cracked) (1.5 - 3 lb per crab)
- 1 count of Norwegian Brown Crab (female - full of red roe and a lot of meat too, shells are quite hard) (1.5 - 3 lb per crab)
- 2 counts of Jonah Crab (male - taste their sweetness, they will amazed you) (0.5 - 1.5 per crab)
* Hint: the more you buy the cheaper the combo is, check on the quantities box