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Hassle-Free Grilling Tips for Frozen Lobster Tails at Home with Fishermen's Net

The grilling season is the most awaited time of the year, especially during summertime. But since it’s still pandemic, some leisure events are canceled, so the grilling season is outside. And one way to spice things up even though quarantine is to grill frozen lobster tails at home. 

There are a lot of delicious dishes that can be done to lobsters, and one of them is through a grilling method. Lobster becomes more flavorful over the smokes and fires of the grill. And not just that, it’s too easy and hassle-free, so no need to go to fine dining restaurants to have some! You can do it just like a real chef, even if you’re at home!

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Things You Need To Grill Lobster Tails

  • Four 1 to 2 pound live lobsters
  • Olive oil (1 to 2 tbsp)
  • Unsalted butter (1 stick)
  • Kosher salt and ground black pepper (to taste)


When grilling lobster tails, you will need at least 20 minutes to prepare it.

Here’s an easy and quick recipe to turn your frozen lobsters into a delicious and flavorful dish. 

Defrost lobster tails 

The primary step you need to keep in mind is to defrost your lobster tails in the fridge. Ensure that they’re completely defrosted before moving on to the next step. 

Ready and clean the grill 

Cleanliness is important, so you have to make sure that the grill is well-cleaned and ready to use for grilling. You may use olive oil to coat the grill rack or use cooking spray. 

Heat the grill

After making sure that the grill is now ready to utilize, start by heating the grill. You may set a medium-hot fire to charcoal or gas grill. While heating the grill, you may now prepare the lobster tails.

Prep the lobster tails

Put the lobster on a cutting board, with curve shell facing up and translucent membrane down. Do the butterfly style to the lobster tail. Cut up until the curved shell using a kitchen knife, but be sure to leave the membrane intact. After that, gently open the tail and leave it hung in the center. 

Flavor the lobster tails

Prepare approximately one tablespoon of olive oil for every piece of lobster tail. Rub the olive oil onto the surface of the lobster and add salt and pepper to taste. Applying olive oil will avoid the drying of the lobster when grilling. 

Prepare to grill the lobster tails

Start placing the lobster tails on the grill, the meat-side facing upward. Wait for about 6 to 8 minutes before tossing the side. Remember, the best way to grill and eat lobster tails is to have it not overcooked, so make sure they won’t. 

Prepare to serve 

Put the freshly-grilled lobster tails on a plate. Squeeze fresh lemon over the top and serve it together with unsalted butter on the side. That’s it! You can also enjoy it with steak or shrimp. 

Now, you’ve already unlocked the hassle-free tips on enjoying and cooking frozen lobster tails at home! 

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