Crab Buying Guide: How To Buy And Store Fresh Crab?

A dish from crabs, to be delicious and full of nutrition, also needs clean, fresh and delicious ingredients. Therefore, you should choose fresh, live sea crabs to have a way to preserve the crabs for a longer time. Crab can be processed into many delicious and nutritious dishes for health. Let's also Fishermen's Net to find out how to buy and store crab so that the family always has the most delicious and attractive dishes.

 buy and store crab

1. How to buy crab?

Crab is a very familiar and popular ingredient in many cuisines. You can refer to some of the following tips to be able to choose to buy fresh, firm and nutritious crabs. When choosing to buy crabs, people will also distinguish between live crabs and cooked crabs to choose from.

How to buy live crabs?

When you go to the market, you can choose to buy by observing the external characteristics of crabs:

See the claws: The silk skin between the elbows (elbows) on the claws is red or dark pink, then these are crabs with a lot of meat. Besides, if the skin here is smooth, it is a fat crab, and it is wrinkled, it is a sick crab that has shriveled for a long time.

Crab bibs: Delicious crabs will have a firm bib and are a bit stiff when squeezed, then they are firm crabs. In contrast, soft, unlikely they will have less meat.

Crab shell: Touch the crab shell with your hand, if you feel the softness, they are crabs with bad meat, and the brick part is not good.

At the same time, squeeze the top of the thigh of the swim stick, if the crabs are still moving, it's fresh crabs, delicious meat. And if they are "lethargic" and can't move, that means they're about to die.

How to buy cooked crab?

According to the advice of many people, you should not buy cooked crab. Because now the meat is no longer as fresh as when it was alive and active. If you do not have much time to prepare and want to buy cooked crab, buy it at the supermarket.

You should observe that the crabs are still intact as they were originally. Do not buy crabs with broken legs or claws. At the same time, you can also smell the scents to see if they have a slightly unpleasant smell.

how to buy crab

2. How much crab to buy per person?

Learning about how to buy and store crab is essential for everyone. However, the most important thing is that you should know how to choose the right amount for each person to eat. Thus, it will not have to be preserved for too long, making the crabs no longer fresh. But just buy enough for the meal and the next day, if you want to continue processing related dishes, you can go to the market to buy more.

It will be more difficult to calculate how many crabs a person needs to eat if they choose to buy live crabs. In fact a crab will have about 20-25% meat compared to the sum of its parts. This means that the total amount of meat a person can eat from a crab is about 25% of their weight when the crabs are alive.

To be safer and more reasonable, we should buy in the amount of about £3 per person. If people buy crabs with a small weight, it needs to be calculated. According to our practical experience, you should get from 8 to 12 crabs for each person in the family. If there are many different dishes in the meal, you can also reduce the number of crabs for one person.

3. How to store fresh crab?

Depending on whether the crab is alive or dead, there will be different ways to preserve it for hygiene and safety. At the same time, it also helps you keep the crabs fresh and full of nutrients.

Preserving live crabs

Storing crabs is completely different from storing meat. If the meat just needs to be washed, put in a plastic bag and stored in the refrigerator, then with raw sea crabs, you must do pre-processing. Only then can it be stored in the refrigerator.

Since the crab is alive, its squirming will make it difficult for you to handle. You're better off placing them on top of an ice-cold surface to reduce their fidgeting. Besides, it also helps the crabs stay fresher and more delicious.

It is important to note that when storing live crabs, you absolutely do not drop them into the water immediately after buying, because it will cause the crabs to go into heat shock and die. Dead crab cannot be stored in the refrigerator, must be processed immediately because dead crab meat no longer tastes sweet when frozen.

On the body of a live sea crab, there is always a rope tied to keep its claws from clamping its hands. Due to measurement you should not remove this cord. After making the crabs numb on ice, flip the bib under the crab's belly, and poke the hollow under the belly with a sharp knife.

Begin to separate the crab bibs, remove the crab, keep only the part containing the crab meat. Use a clean toothbrush to scrub around the crab's body. When it is clean, then put the crab in the refrigerator to preserve.

how much crab to buy per person

Preserving cooked crabs

Compared to preserving raw crabs, preserving cooked crabs is much simpler. Note that before storing crabs in the refrigerator, you absolutely do not separate the meat from the crustacean shell. Because this will help crab meat not dry out when stored for a long time in the refrigerator.

Then proceed to preserve the cooked crabs as follows: In turn, place the crabs in a dedicated food bag or a vacuum bag. Close the bag tightly and put it in the freezer. With this preservation method, cooked crab meat will not lose its nutrients and freshness. The best time for safe storage is from 2 to 5 days.

To get a delicious and nutritious crab dish, you need to know how to buy and store crab. The information shared by Fishermen's Net in the article is useful knowledge related to crab processing. Hopefully through that people will have a certain understanding of crabs.

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